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Egypt can conveniently be referred to as the place where the first civilization began in the world. This could be as a result of the riches possessed by the River Nile that made people to often visit the area as far back as before 300BC. Egypt’s population is the largest in the Arab world and one of the largest in Africa.

Located in North Africa, it occupies the geographical coordinates of 27.00oN and 30.00oE. This position makes cruises to Egypt very feasible from countries such as Sudan and Libya, which are near the country. Nevertheless, there are cruise lines in other parts of the world such as Europe and America that offer cruises to Egypt in as little as 1 – 4 weeks.

Egypt has a lot of tourist attractions that make people visit throughout the year.


Any tourist seeking cruises to Egypt must have one or all of the following in mind. The Egyptian pyramids, the Great Sphinx, the Oases, the Egyptian Tombs, the River Nile and the Museum of Egypt where some mummified bodies of past pharaohs can be watched. The Egyptian pyramids are monuments of the royals that lived in Egypt. Some of them are the pyramid of Neferirka, the pyramid complex of Menkaure, pyramid of Sahure, step pyramid of Djoser, pyramid of Niuserre and the pyramid of Teti. Other pyramids include the pyramid of Pepi II, the pyramid of Neferefre, the pyramid of Unas, the pyramid of Pepi I and the pyramid of Cheops. There are many more pyramids in Egypt than contained in this list. Only getting cruises to Egypt will help the curious mind know the full details of the significance, history and other important information about them. The top areas where these pyramids are located are Giza, Abu Sir, Mazghuna, Saqqara and Dahshur. Abu sir alone contains more than 55 different Egyptian pyramids

The Egyptian tombs are also monuments of highly respected people of Egyptian origin. While the pyramids were restricted to only those of royal descent, the tombs were for all those that made a positive contribution in the development of ancient Egypt. Some of the tombs include the tomb of Irukaptah, the tomb of Kagemni, the tomb of Nefer, the tomb of Ti, the tomb of Mereruka, the Tomb of Mehu and the tomb of Hetepheres.

Other reasons why people get cruises to Egypt include the quest for education and medical treatment.

How to Get Cheap Cruises to Egypt

Cheap cruises to Egypt will enable more frequent visits or/and savings for other activities upon arrival. For a new traveler to the country, getting a travel agent will be very beneficial. The travel agent will be responsible for finding the cheapest cruises to Egypt and hotels that will guarantee cheap but quality meals and daily facilities. The itinerary for journeying to Egypt also affects the cost. Cruises going straight to Egypt will be cheaper than those going through different ports. However, staying longer on sea also enables better holidaying activities and the opportunities to see more places.