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Duiker Island Cruises

Introduction to Duiker Island Cruises

Duiker Island is located off the bay of Hout in South Africa. It is an Island of about 0.4 hectare. The peculiarities of the island include its marine wildlife populated by birds of varying pedigree and the exotic fur seal. This Island is a major destination for tourists around the world and a major hit for photographers. The access from Mariner’s Wharf is a major entry point for those who troop to the location. Duiker Island cruises have become a reference point well noted by people with interests in the world cruise circuit.

The outstanding imagery of the alluring ocean sights in awe-inspiring calmness is a welcome feature savored by patrons of Duiker Island cruises. The nearby Indian ocean with the getaway features remain a sight to behold at eventide. The changing phases from sunset to sundown presents a scenery that will enthrall even the most avid of tourists.

Life in the Wild

The Cape region of Southern Africa plays host to some of the most unforgettable wildlife and eco-tourism attractions that is known to man. In this region, are the sought-after species of African Penguins as well as whales and wild baboons. All these have drawn attention to the region and the multifaceted potentials of Southern Africa. Other peculiar species to look out for include the fairy tale animals like porcupines, leopards, toads, sharks and the antelope. The abundant reptiles and the unparallel marine life provide grounds for researchers and eco-lovers who are always hunting for new places and haven.

The amazing coastlines are in the neighborhood of Cape Fynbos reputed as a point of reference and wonder in the world for its flora diversity and an amazing spread of over 2,280 plant species. It is seen as the world’s largest flora diversity with more species of plant than the combination of New Zealand and the whole of the British Isles.


Duiker Island cruises have become increasingly popular following rave reviews from cruise companies and patrons media. The evident serenity of this location with the amazing peacefulness of the island combines to make it a tourist’s delight. The availability of connecting flights to the region from major capitals of the world and Africa expels all connectivity nightmares. Coming straight out of Johannesburg or Durban or any other point of interest in the region promises to be pleasant with the infrastructure lurking in every city and town. Definitely, the Boers gold rush has paid off with the visible facilities and urbane specter of the entire region. The trip advisor score for this location is handsome at No 218.