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Nile Cruises

The Nile is a beautiful river that reaches from Sudan to Egypt and encompasses many different African countries along the way. It is the largest river in the world and has a length of more than 6,500 kilometers. Those looking to book Nile cruises will find many beautiful sites to enjoy on their trip. There are various different cruise packages available at a variety of different travel agencies both online and off that will allow you to select the amenities that you want and the cruise length that you prefer. Cruises are available from Cairo to Luxor which gives you the opportunity to visit many of the temples and other monuments in Egypt.

Nile Cruise Costs

Cruises on the Nile offer the opportunity to hire a private guide or choose a guide group to see the beautiful area. Many will find Nile cruises to be more than affordable and they are available in four, five and eight day lengths. A typical five day cruise on the Nile with a private tour guide that departs from Luxor and ports at Aswan will cost around $450. An eight day cruise that includes the same guide options as well as more scenery and ports will run around $600. Both are very affordable and depending on where you book you may also be able to get discounted airfare to get you to the Nile for your departure.

What to Expect

The Nile is a fairly warm region so you should pack for tropical weather. During the summer the weather can be very hot and humid. If you prefer cooler weather or if you want to save a bit on your cruise, book during the winter months. Prices are often much lower during the off season and the weather will be much more comfortable. Many cruise lines offer wonderful luxurious suites and many provide cameras that allow you to document your trips on land. Various entertainment choices are also offered depending on the cruise and the ship that you board. Many shows offer disco dancers and Broadway hits as well as more traditional African and Egyptian entertainment such as belly dancers. Meals are typically buffet style and provide different international and national cuisine choices.

Getting the Best Deal

If you are planning to book Nile cruises you should spend some time online searching for the best deal. While all cruise ships offer something special, there are many that have lower rates and more amenities. Depending on what specifically you are looking for, you may find that you can book your cruise for just a fraction of what it normally costs. Comparison shopping is key in getting the best rate. There are a few different lines that offer Nile cruises and different ships with various ports of call. Start by selecting the length of the cruise that you plan to take and choose which destinations you want to see while in port. Then simply compare rates from various lines to select the best cost for your cruise on the Nile.