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Seychelles Cruises

Introduction to Seychelles Cruises

The Seychelles are located in the Indian Ocean on the east of Kenya in Africa. The Seychelles are comprised of 115 tropical islands in close proximity to each other, with some being remote and uninhabited. The Seychelles has been most recently discovered by vacationers as a tropical paradise that has not yet received publicity and the influx of billions of dollars spent annually by those traveling abroad to foreign countries.

The islands are sparsely populated with their population estimated at around 87,122 in 2009. There are currently three main islands in the Seychelles that comprise over 90% of the current population, Mahe Island, Victoria the capital of Seychelles, and Praslin Island. These islands are granitic in nature with coral reefs in abundance.

  • Mahe Island is considered to be the gateway to the Seychelles and the largest of all the islands. Mahe is the cultural and economic center of all present activity in Seychelles and shelters approximately 90% of the entire population. The island is known for its unusual granite formations formed hundreds of years prior to inhabitance of the island.
  • Victoria, one of the main attractions in the Seychelles is the capital and port city. Victoria has a tropical climate with humidity that ranges to intense levels. Although beautiful and serene, Victoria is fast becoming a major attraction to foreign travelers.
  • Praslin Island is the second largest in the 115 islands that comprise the Seychelles. The beaches of Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette are considered to be two of top ten beaches in the world with rolling white sand dunes and crystal clear water that is inviting and beckoning.


With water being the main attraction on a Seychelles cruise, there are ample water activities that are both enjoyable and educational. With crystal clear turquoise colored water, scuba diving is a very popular activity that reveals the beauty that lies beneath. Parasailing and paragliding are also popular water events which provide a new insight to the beauty of the islands from a bird’s perspective. For those less inclined to take part in water activities, there currently over 100 charter boat companies that offer individual or group outings to other more desolate islands waiting to be discovered. Mountain biking/hiking trails lead through some of the most incredible pristine land un-touched by man.


Some cruise ships offer land stays whilst in the Seychelles. There are numerous hotel accommodations available on both Mahe and Victoria Island, with spacious rooms, some over-looking the ocean. Pricing of these accommodations range from $185-$310 per night, with special rates for large groups. All rooms are well maintained in a clean and sanitary environment.

Overall Costs

The total cost for a 4 night, 5 day Seychelles cruise ranges from $2,245.00-$2,950 per person. This does not include cost for incidentals, meals, travel on the Island, or air travel to the cruise ship departure point, which may be London or another large port-of-call. Total overall costs of a Seychelles cruise are approximately $8,250.00-$9,500.00. Trip packages, available at all qualified travel agencies can result in an substantial overall reduction of costs.