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St. Helena Cruises

Introduction to St Helena Cruises

St. Helena is a small island measuring 10.5 miles long and 6.5 miles wide situated between South America and Africa in the South Atlantic Ocean. Measuring only 47 total square miles, St. Helena is considered to be a small tropical resort. What this island lacks in size is doubled in the effectiveness of the tourism trade. Rich in History and tradition, St. Helena is ranked as one of the top 10 cruise vacations often selected by those that travel abroad.

Historical Sites

Strategically located, St. Helena was once used by the East India Company’s ships as a mid-way point in their voyages to and from South America and Africa. Situated approximately halfway between these two countries, this was an ideal stopping point to rest weary crew members and take on fresh provisions. The Georgian buildings erected during this period, still stand today over-looking the harbor, in search of sailors that now approach in gigantic vessels with hundreds of individuals ready to trade or barter.

St. Helena was also the home of Napoleon Bonaparte during the last six years of his life. The Longfellow Museum, named in his honor, now exhibits the best Napoleonic memorabilia in the world. Napoleon’s Tomb, nestled in a quiet peaceful valley, and was the burial site of Napoleon until 1841. He chose this valley as his final place of rest due to his numerous tranquil walks and the serenity of the landscape that surrounded him with peace and contentment.


For the majority of the year, temperatures in St. Helena remain constant at 70-80 degrees. The four seasons are not recognized, with the coldest months noticed between June and September. With the hottest months of the year falling between January and March, there is an immediate increase in population due to the thousands of foreign travel visitors, escaping the harsh cold months of their respective native countries. The weather changes frequently in St. Helena, with blowing trade winds bringing in an occasional brief shower. The climate is considered to be one of the main reasons why the St. Helena tourist population grows significantly each year.


Due to the small size of the island, most sightseeing is accomplished on foot, horseback or by small rentable scooters. Rental cars are available at rates that start at $18.00 per day but not recommended due to the excessive pricing of fuel in excess of $7.00 per gallon. There are many tours available for an additional charge, covering points of interest and other historical sites. Because of the small size of the island, most tourists’ choose to venture forward unaccompanied, to explore while rediscovering relationships once forgotten.


An average 4 day, 5 night cruise to St. Helena varies in pricing. Presently, there are attractive discount packages being offered by the leading cruise ships, each covering a different aspect of a St. Helena Cruise. The pricing for cruises usually include transportation from port-of-call to St. Helena only. Air fare to port-of-call, meals and accommodations are normally not included in these packages.