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An Introduction to Cruising in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is comprised by a series of small islands and two larger ones namely Pemba and Unguja. The latter being the area that most people refer to as Zanzibar itself. Zanzibar is not far off from beautiful and more well-known islands like Mauritius. You can enjoy the same magical experiences there at a fraction of the cost as the exchange rate is so low in comparison to dollars and the people have very low living standards in general. Zanzibar is however, a great and wondrous treasure that has the potential to provide any traveler with the experience of a lifetime. The country has an extremely rich history dating back some 20,000 years and is becoming a more popular destination due to its affordability but also its value.

Zanzibar is also known as the Spice Islands and has a very aromatic and ancient atmosphere with strong remnants of Persian yesteryears. Well known for its beaches, Zanzibar has that magnificent clear and translucent water that is impossible to stay out of.

Whitsunday Islands Pleasure Cruises

This cruise ship operating company will be able to take you around Zanzibar at very affordable rates. The great thing about this company is that they are extremely versatile in the length of their voyages. You can choose from a full boat cruise or mix it up with a stay on one of the islands. You also have catering options to choose from which will help you to customize your budget and your stay there. The line will give you a specific price dependant on the length of your cruise and the type of room and catering options you will be choosing.

Uniglobe Travel

Through Uniglobe, you will take the Mombasa to Zanzibar Cruise on the PV Ocean Mist which is a large liner but not as huge as some of the liners you can cruise on today. This means that they provide some sense of an intimate atmosphere without forcing you to constantly cross paths with other passengers. This means that you can experience intimacy and have a wonderful social life on the ship whilst enjoying Zanzibar and all that it brings. The cruise itself is only 4 days long but has a reasonable itinerary with lots to do on the ship itself. There are various bars and lounges for relaxation and mingling as well as medical centers, restaurants and beauty salons. Rates range from $400 for a 4-berth cabin to $750 for the deluxe version making it a very affordable holiday considering what you will be getting for those rates.


Zanzibar is an African gem and an amazing place to visit at affordable rates. Although the country is somewhat infamous for its political unrest, it is perfectly safe to cruise in the area and tourists are viewed in high regard. The inhabitants are very grateful to have visitors and share their history with anyone who is willing to listen. The local souvenirs you can buy will be an amazing reminder of the time you spent in this rich and interesting place.