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Andaman Islands Cruises

Introduction to the Andaman Islands

The Union Territory of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a vast and beautiful territory consisting of 572 islands, additional islets and rocks. Stretching for more than 700kms from north to south, it is not surprising that a large part of this tropical paradise remains unexplored. In fact, as many as 36 islands are inhabited, increasing the fog of mystery floating around these exotic emerald forests.

If you’re wondering about just how exquisite the geography of this place is, note that the hilly topography of the islands abound in luscious forests, hiding many different species of exotic flora and fauna.

Taking Advantage of the Andaman Islands Cruises

Andaman Islands cruises are the perfect way to explore what the beautiful territory of Andaman has to offer. No matter what you are interested in, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy your hobbies as you savor the wonderful resources that make the Andaman Islands so renowned in the world.

There are plenty of options upon which you can reflect while setting your priorities straight according to your budget and vacation plans. A cruise holiday can rapidly transform into an amazing getaway, giving you and your family the chance to explore and get enchanted by the Andaman Islands.

By choosing one of the many Andaman Islands cruise offers you will get to relax in the sun while taking advantage of the many attractions and water-sports that you can enjoy in this wonderful environment of white sandy beaches. It doesn’t matter if you plan to go with your entire family or you want the cruise to become an incredible, romantic escapade, browsing through the many appealing cruise packages will get you eager to head towards this tropical paradise as soon as possible.

The Andaman Islands have plenty of places for you to visit, so if you care to witness the thrill of these islands, the Andaman Islands Cruises will give you the chance to explore several of its main attractions including: Ross Island, Chiriyatapu Beach, Coral Island, Port Blair Harbor, Viper Island, Corbyn’s Cove beach, Havelock Island, and many more.

Types of Cruises

An Andaman Islands cruise will take you through the clear waters of the Bay of Bengal and into the fantastic wilderness of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. A visit in such a place is incomplete without a cruise tour arranged by either the government tourism agency, or one of the many private tour operators. You can choose from various types of cruise ships, out of which several are meant to lead you to the virgin and unexplored islands of Andaman. The vacation packages of Andaman Islands cruises include voyages with different kinds of ships, from normal ones to semi-deluxe liners and even 7 star cruise liners for a rich and luxurious experience. Notorious cruise ships which are currently under usage are as follows: M. V. Nicobar, M. V. Akbar, M. V. Swaraj Dweep or M. V. Harshavardhana.

Keep in mind that the Andaman Islands cruises are usually set with a duration of 3 up to 6 days, so you better plan your vacation knowing you have more than the weekend off.


The Andaman Islands are a lovely place to enjoy an amazing tropical vacation whether you’re taking your loved one or the whole family with you. Some people see it as a fabulous idea for a romantic getaway whilst others bring their kids to enjoy not only the clear waters, the sun and sand of these islands, but to explore the unknown and unpredictable as well.