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Halong Bay Cruises

A brief introduction to Halong Bay

The word “ha long” means the point where the dragon goes down into the sea. This suggests that Halong Bay is a fascinating area. The bay is situated at the northern part of Vietnam. It was so named because the people around the area once believed that a dragon had created the bay by diving into the sea in an attempt to seek protection from navies that wanted to capture it. Today, Halong bay cruises are sought to experience this unique environment. Halong is also blessed with lots of coal deposits.

Halong Bay Attractions

The waters at Halong Bay are usually very warm throughout the year. This means that even in the winter, when the weather may not be favorable to all, getting good Halong Bay cruises to the bay itself will help the visitor achieve his purpose of travel. Since it is the biggest tourist attraction site in northern Vietnam, a lot of visitors go there often. Some of the attractions that appeal to the visitors that find Halong Bay cruises include

  • The beautiful arrangement of limestone.
  • The rock arches
  • The crystal clear waters
  • The lagoons
  • The very steep cliffs
  • The coves
  • The caves
  • The white, fine sand
  • The limestone islets such as the Frog Island, the Isle of wonder and the 1sle of surprise

Why Halong Bay Cruises?

Going for Halong bay cruises have been ways by which newly married couples get to enjoy themselves. It is suitable for a honeymoon as well. Also, there are lots of facilities in the ship that may not have been enjoyed by the traveler before.

Halong bay cruises can be better organized when a cruises specialist is involved. The primary aim of this is to save money for something else. The specialist will also make the cruises more effective and educative by explaining everything that may look strange. Halong bay cruises do not require high budgets so a family can have a wonderful weekend holiday there.

How to get cheap Halong Bay Cruises

The importance of having cruises has made lots of people to become very interested. This interest has caused the prices of Halong bay cruises do rise up. However, it is still very possible to get cheap Halong bay cruises. To ensure low costs, tickets should be bought very early enough. Tickets bought very early are cheap because there are not many demands for the ticket. Similarly buying the tickets at the last minutes (when the airplane has already loaded) is really a nice option. Reviews about clients that have gotten cheap cruises to Halong in the past can also be read on the internet. Sometimes, it is not easy to leave other schedules to find cheap Halong bay cruises. At such times, contacting a travel agent will be good because the agent will be committed to providing the cheapest prices for accommodation and ticket prices for the travel by comparing prices in order to get the best for the client.