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India Cruises

Introduction to India Cruises

India Cruises are a wonderful opportunities to explore exotic cities, as well as solitary and mysterious tropical islands. Whether you want to indulge yourself in a deep state of relaxation provided by a lovely getaway on sandy beaches, or you want to enjoy some sightseeing letting yourself be carried away amongst the buildings by the exciting scents of the colorful Indian bazaars, all you have to do is browse through the vast options of India Cruises.

Which Cruise to Choose?

Many of the India Cruises explore the west coast of the Indian territory and are associated with places like Goa, Trivandrum, Mangalore, Cochin or Colombo. If you’re thinking of choosing a sea cruise, note that Goa is highly appreciated for its sea cruises. Cruises to Goa provide luxurious treatments as travelers anticipate the lovely strolls around the beautiful ivory churches including the Goa’s Bom Jesus Basilica – a perfect opportunity for any culture-seeking traveler wanting to know more about India, its religion, and particularly, about St. Francis Xavier, who is the patron Saint of Goa.

If you’re interesting in knowing more about the Indian flavor, India Cruises heading to Mangalore will lead you to a city full of exciting and interesting fragranced markets which abound in a wide variety of spices and other Indian provisions. In Mangalore, you’ll also get the chance to enjoy wonderful palm-fringed beaches or get a feel of the old, urban buildings.

Holidaymakers could also cruise towards Cochin or Colombo for that matter, as these are great locations for making exotic purchases of spices and Indian silks while wondering around delightful buildings which are scattered throughout these cities. India Cruises are perfect for beach trips as well, such as those associated with the Lakshadweep Islands. Cruisers will get carried away by the beauty of the divine white beaches and clear waters, adding to the overall charm of these islands.

Indian River Cruises

River cruises are a different approach to the standard India Cruises, providing holidaymakers an additional opportunity of observing the stunning geography of the lovely Indian region. Luxurious river cruises are all the more spectacular as travelers learn about India’s “holy” Ganges River, which is the starting point of many Indian River cruises. The rapids of the Ganges are perfect for all adventure seekers eager for enjoying a bit of river rafting in the hot summer months.

There are three major types of river cruises in case you favor these to the sea India Cruises. In Goa for example, cruisers can enjoy daytime trips, as well as sunset and even moonlight trips. Strongly connected to Indian River cruises is the Mandovi river which leads to a wonderful mineral water spring.


Finding some time away from our daily sources of stress is imperative for both our health and mood. India Cruises are thus luxurious, as well as affordable resources of finding the right way to entertain yourself or spend hours of relaxation while enjoying the geography and cultural goods that India has to offer.