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Indonesia Cruises

Introduction to Indonesian Cruises

Travelling to Indonesia will give you the chance to discover a stunning and vast archipelago of islands offering an amazing cultural and natural diversity. The notoriety of the Indonesian landscape, of the native people and their customs and traditions transforms this scattered archipelago into an extraordinary land packed with real wonders whose beauty remains unmatched.

The experience of getting to know Indonesia is far more pleasant by water which is the Indonesians old way of travelling across lands. Over 13,000 islands bear the proof of the natural riches of this beautiful environment of earth and water. After all, this is the best way to describe Indonesia as natives themselves call it Tanah Air Kata which translates into “Our Earth and Water”.

Getting to Know Indonesia

The best way of getting advantage of an Indonesia cruise is to arrive on a different island every day and be amazed by the stunning surroundings, the warm, clear waters packed with colorful corals and the grandeur of the mountain towers rising up to 16,000 feet. Choosing a travel package of the many Indonesia Cruises available on the internet will take you into an amazing natural décor of lush tropical rain forests, flowering plants and lots and lots of wilderness species, adding an untamed charm to the beauty of the Indonesian region.

Indonesia Cruises may be the perfect opportunity to explore what Nature has to offer, as one fifth of the world’s plant and animal species are sheltered within the vast emerald islands. Attractions covered by the Indonesia Cruises include the wild island of Komodo, roamed by fearsome dragons, the calm of the turquoise Flores Sea- a perfect spot for scuba diving amongst the wonderful living corals or the giant Buddhist monument guarding the green plains of the Indonesian country. Other popular destinations of the Indonesia Cruises refer to the island of Java, a volcanic island where visitors will get to enjoy superb coastlines and dense tropical vegetation, and, of course, let us not forget about the notorious port of Bali, a good place to shop for hand-made souvenirs made by real Balinese artisans.

The land may be vast, but if you plan on putting your explorer skills to the test, note that you will be limited to a handful of ports as many of the Indonesian islands are not accessible to the public. However, you’ll have plenty of wonders to see provided by the shore trips of the Indonesia Cruises. Water sports enthusiasts will be thrilled with anticipation of the exciting adventures that await them in the lovely ports of Indonesia.

Indonesia Cruises Travel Tips

  • • Plan your excursion ahead to have enough time to prepare yourself as there are only a few Indonesia Cruises conducted each year from the US.
  • • Indonesia is home to over 300 ethnic groups speaking over 250 distinct languages, so knowing a few dos and don’ts before you embark on a cruise will spare you of any unpleasant surprises or conflicts with the natives. For example, never use your left hand to give or receive things for the natives may get offended. For them, the left hand is unfit for offerings or handing gifts as it is perceived to be unclean.
  • • Also, you may want to try and learn a few basics of the Bahasa Indonesian language for it is much easier to learn than other Asian languages and it will prove your respect and interest for the culture of this region.