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Japan Cruises

Introduction to Cruises around Japan

Japanese Cruises are an entertaining and lovely way of exploring the beauty of this ancient country. Japan is a land of opposite corners, from the cutting edge technology to the spirituality and culture of the Japanese people whose religious monuments and temples are a must-see for anyone undertaking a Japan cruise.

There is so much to discover about Japan, and for this purpose, several appealing cruise options have been laid down for tourists eager to enjoy the lovely destinations that make Japan so renowned in the world.

Japanese must-see attractions

Going on a cruise around Japan will give you the chance to see many vibrant locations and attractions that gather large numbers of tourists every year. Amongst such local wonders there is Mount Fuji, popular in the spring for the famous cherry blossoms and the exciting festivals held there. Japan Cruises include other destinations such as the colorful capital of Tokyo, Naha located on Okinawa Island, the city of Fukuoka on the island of Kyushu or for World War II history enthusiasts- the city of Nagasaki which is filled with monuments, parks and museums especially designed for commemorating the events that lead to the monstrous destruction of this Japanese city.

Besides Tokyo (listed onto the itineraries associated with Japan Cruises and perceived as the best way to get the taste of the modern, urban vibe that blows life into the Japanese people) you may also want to enjoy a great experience and learn the secrets of the famous rice wine in no other than the Sake Brewery Museum, located in Kobe.

To satisfy your religious curiosities and admire a number of extraordinary Japanese temples, choose a cruise option that includes the wonderful place known as Kyoto. Kyoto shelters additional must-see attractions such as the Nijo Castle or the superb Gardens of the Golden Pavilion.

Inland Japan Cruises

For a different kind of experience, Japan Cruises meant for the inland are mandatory. Waterway cruises like these will enable you to discover the beautiful surrounding of the River Sumida. Japanese river cruises are perfect in the spring months when tourists can experience spectacular river walks or indulg in a romantic getaway. Other options for cruises around Japan may include ferry excursions as well. These connect to the Japanese Archipelago, while international ferries bring travelers close to the outlying islands of the countries in Japan’s proximity.

Japan Cruises are an exciting way of getting to know the flavor of this country, and you’ll notice just how popular these cruises are by watching hundreds of ships of various sizes roaming throughout the calm waters of Japan just like the taxis running on the streets of Manhattan.

Going on a cruise in Japan will give you the opportunity to enjoy the highly luxurious cruise liners, yet once you have arrived at your destination in Japan, you should try embarking on smaller cruise ships as these will take you on an exciting journey of discovery, granting you the chance to fully taste the exotic of some of the most remote areas of Japan.