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Lakshadweep Cruises

An Introduction to Lakshadweep Cruises

Lakshadweep is made up of many islands which is reflected in its name which is of a similar meaning. The area boasts all the advantages of a great holiday island destination but with a unique flavor that can only be tasted upon your arrival. You will still experience clear water that stretches for miles and clean, white beaches but with an injection of Indian culture. You will see that not all of the islands are inhabited and only ten have been occupied. This will give you a sense of paradise, untouched by the hustle and bustle of human life. Another great advantage is that the island is situated in the Indian Ocean which is warm and wonderful for swimming and enjoying comfortably.

You will be treated to an array of imagery from lighthouses to nature and a calm ocean. There is a longstanding history of trade through the islands and many travelers had passed through in earlier years to take their wares on to the East. The island itself also plays a major role in strengthening the Indian economy as it is something most people long to experience but cannot replicate at such affordable costs. You will see coconuts thrive in this area and are also part of the country’s main agricultural component and livelihood.

Kerala Travel Mart

Kerala Travel Mart have a magnificent four to five day cruise in and around the Lakshadweep Islands. The beauty of this option is that you have the opportunity to engage in a number of recreational water sports and spend time on the island for brunches and beverages. In the evenings you will always be on the ship and sleep in one of the many luxurious cabins available to you. You have the options of diamond or gold class accommodation, both of which are opulent and comfortable. Rates vary depending on the amount of days you choose and the type of cabin. You will cruise for approximately $445 for the Diamond class tour as an adult. Children up to the age of 12 will cruise for cheaper rates.

M.V. Kavaratti

Another cruise liner that will serve as your vessel is the M.V.Mavaratti. This double-story cruise ship has very reasonable fares and a magical itinerary that will allow you to enjoy your holiday both on and off the ship. The package they offer between October and May is a great deal because it is almost all-inclusive. Your meals, snacks, entertainment and accommodation are all included, offering you the assurance that is so comforting when you are far from home and not sure about the living expenses or high prices in the tourism industry abroad. The M.V. Kavaratti operates at the same fares as Kerala Travel Mart’s liners but with more benefits in terms of the package offerings.


Taking a Lakshadweep Cruise is a wonderful way to inexpensively see the more appealing side of India and still learn about it. It is also a wonderful alternative to doing the same thing as everybody else and heading off to Mauritius or the Seychelles for your island getaway. Go and experience the incredible parallel between the busy Indian lifestyle depicted in the media and this serene paradise setting