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Malaysia Cruises

Introduction to Malaysia Cruises

Malaysia Cruises are a wonderful way to travel enabling you to discover some of the world’s most interesting museums, followed by fantastic beaches and exciting wildlife parks. With so many amazing destination options, it’s not surprising that many Asian cruises feature Malaysia as part of their itineraries. Located in the southern area of the Asian continent, Malaysia attracts numerous tourists eager to witness the extraordinary blend of tradition and contemporary culture, not to mention the spectacular natural diversity that makes Malaysia one of the most beautiful Asian countries.

To get a good dosage of the country’s many interesting myths and legends, give yourself the chance to interact with the natives as you arrive at your destination. Malaysia cruises will lead you to spectacular places. Indulge in their beauty as you explore all the interesting parts of Malaysia.

Where to Visit

If you don’t know where to start, try Kuala Lumpur. There are various Malaysia cruises that make a stop at the Malaysian capital, giving tourists the opportunity to sightsee in a chic, cosmopolitan city and get acquainted to present day customs, as well as old, honored traditions. To satisfy your shopping thirst, make sure you have Kuala Lumpur on your itinerary, and remember to drop by the Petronas Twin Towers, which are the tallest twin buildings of the world.

Knitted handicrafts and other souvenirs can be found in the town of Kuantan, as well as in the port city of Terengganu. If you’re interested in learning more about the wildlife populating the country of Malaysia, make sure you visit the Ma'Daerah Turtle Sanctuary from Kemaman; this sanctuary is home to various species of endangered turtle. This is just one example of the importance that the Malaysian people put on wildlife conservation. Another would be the orangutan sanctuary located in the city of Sandakan, sheltering one of the few orangutan colonies left in Malaysia.

For a lovely day spent in the sun, try one of the Malaysia cruises that dock at the island of Langkawi as well. There you’ll get to enjoy beautiful beaches surrounded by mysterious mangroves as you get to hear tales about the virtuous Mahsuri, or learn about the Seven Wells Waterfall where supposedly fairies bathe.

Malaysia cruises are wonderful opportunities to delight in culinary experiences full of taste and flavor, as the Malaysians are well renowned for their intriguing cuisine. Visiting Malaysia is a great idea for all island enthusiasts that love to enjoy the beauty of the pure white sand and crystal blue waters, as well as the underwater seascapes decorated with colorful coral reefs or exotic looking species of fish.

Duration of Malaysia Cruises

Trips provided by Malaysia Cruises are guaranteed to be forever remembered. These have a longer duration than cruises to other parts of the world as even the shortest cruise tours lasts for 7 days. There are several excursion lengths options, amongst which the longest cruises will keep you away from home for up to several months. Large sailing itineraries may be expensive, yet imagine the grandeur of such a fantastic trip. It would definitely be an experience to cherish for years and years to come.