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Introduction to the Philippines

Travelling to the Philippines gives tourists the chance to discover an island nation rising above the western Pacific Ocean, stretching over 1000 miles from north to south. The Philippines is in fact a grand archipelago comprising 7,107 islands, out of which a large part is dipped into the unknown. Thus, some Philippines territories are small, remote islands, just dots in the vast stretch of ocean, whose tininess is even greater compared to the other islands of this beautiful country; some are even larger than certain countries, and are called home by many tribal groups living in Philippines. Such grand islands whose names are worth mentioning here are the islands of Luzon and Mindanao.

Opting for a Philippines cruise as a way of spending your vacation is highly recommended, as the Philippines is renowned for its tropical climate, untouched natural splendor and friendly natives. Cruising in the Philippines is an exciting new way of reconnecting with nature and recharging your batteries. Getting to see wonderful Filipino attractions makes the journey worthwhile, especially if you reach the Hundred Islands of Luzon, whose small coral islands are sprinkled into the big blue, or the Mayon Volcano considered as being part of the most fascinating volcanoes in the world. For a spectacular view of vast rice terraces stretching from the evergreen valleys into the Central Cordillera Mountains, make sure you that Banaue is on your cruise itinerary.

Small-ship Cruising

The best way to cruise around the Philippines is on a small ship. The fact that this country is so rich in unexplored territory demands the use of small-ship travel in order to provide tourists the opportunity of making landfall on the island of their choice. The natural diversity of the Philippines is larger than a tourist could possibly comprehend, thus tiny islands like the ones that can be found in the Philippines are ideal places to come and visit, and enjoy an amazing escapade in the wilderness.

  • If you’re planning on returning home with hundreds of pictures, mind how you are taking these pictures as some cultural minorities may perceive it as an insensitive gesture and could easily get offended.
  • Learning the Tagalog language is not mandatory when taking a Philippines cruise but it will definitely show the Filipino natives the amount of interest that you bear for their culture. Greeting the elderly is also appreciated for the Filipino society highlights the value of its seniors.

Expedition Cruises

A specific example of a place worth visiting in the Philippines is the charming city of Manila. The city is split into two sections: one rich in historical backgrounds, reminiscent of the old Spanish colonial period, and the other a modern metropolis fit for observing the urban side of the Filipino country.

Several cruising packages include convenient discounts and offers for children or elderly tourists, but, in the end, whatever cruise provider you opt for, you’ll enjoy an amazing holiday atmosphere, making your voyage unforgettable: a wonderful way of discovering the picturesque mix of Filipino islands.