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Australian Cruises

Introduction to Australia

A visit to Australia is a great experience and there is no better way to see all the sites than to take one of the many Australian cruises available today. Australia is located in the southern hemisphere and that means their seasons are the exact opposite of ours in America. Although, cruises are offered all year long most people like to take one of the Australian cruises during the dry season, which runs from April to November.

The most popular ports of departure for Australian cruises are Melbourne and Sydney. Both of these cities offer their own set of outstanding tourist attractions. If you are leaving from either of these ports, you may want to go a day or two early so you do not miss any of these amazing sites.

Many Australian Cruises also extend into New Zealand to offer you some beautiful attractions and a wider cultural experience. There are also cruises available that extend into Indonesia and Thailand, which give you a taste of Asian culture as well.

Attractions Not to be Missed

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most breathtaking sites in all of Australia. The reef includes over 3000 individual reef systems. It is named as one of the seven wonders of the natural world and is the only living thing on earth that is able to be seen from space. No trip to Australia should exclude seeing this magnificent site.

The famed Sydney Opera House has been made famous for its wonderful performances and its unique but beautiful design. It is a very popular tourist attraction in all of Australia and has been the backdrop for many of Australia’s popular events. Tours are offered daily and they are designed to give you a unique look at the workings of this famed opera house.

The Fiordland National Park is considered one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand. Many walking trails are offered to allow you to see the vast beauty of this area. This is an excursion trip that you do not want to miss.

Australia has so many different things to offer you, from the unique wildlife that is limited to this region, like the kangaroo and koala bear to the incredible and colorful marine life. Many locations within the country have been modernized but the culture of the aborigine people can also be found, especially when you are outside the major cities. The aborigine cultures have fascinating historical sites.

Understanding the Time Differences

When you plan to take an Australian cruise it is vital that you understand the time differences between the United States and Australia. While traveling by plane, you will cross over the International Date Line, which will cause you to lose a day. Also, remember that your flight will take almost an entire day to get there. The combination of those two facts means that you will have to leave two days early to ensure that you are in Australia in time for your cruise.