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Cruises Australia

Those looking for a wonderful cruise experience should consider cruises Australia. Australia offers a beautiful landscape and various options of activities and things to do while in port. The busy cities of Auckland and Sydney offer many things to see and do while the wildlife of the Outback is something that everyone will enjoy. Booking a cruise to Australia is a wonderful way to see both the landscape and the beautiful scenery at sea including the Great Barrier Reef and the beautiful harbors of both Auckland and Sydney.

Types of Australia Cruises

Basically there are four distinct types of cruises to Australia and New Zealand. You can choose to fly into the airport in Australia and begin your cruise there. There are many ten to fifteen days cruises from Australia that take you through various ports of New Zealand and Tasmania. Another choice is to select a cruise that includes Australia as a port of call. There are many options regarding longer cruises that take you through Australia and allow you a wonderful glimpse of the countryside. Cruises can be booked for fifteen to more than 100 days depending on your budget and your specific preferences.

You also have the option of taking a cruise that repositions between Australia and Asia or your fourth choice is to head to Australia and choose one of the many offered cruises that set sail on smaller ships specifically for the purpose of sailing the South Pacific. All are wonderful choices. Your personal preferences will be the determining factor on which ship that cruises Australia is best for you. You should keep in mind that your sights onboard ships are very limited. Most people heading to Australia want to see the beautiful countryside and the wildlife that inhabit the area. If you are looking to catch a glimpse of a kangaroo then you will need to choose a cruise that allows you a day or so in the country. Remember also that the seasons in Australia are reversed so summer there is winter in other countries. Most cruises in the country are during the fall and winter months which is spring and summer in other parts of the world so the temperatures are perfect for cruising.

Cruise Line Choices

There are many different cruise lines that cruise Australia. Some of the most popular ones include Princess Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Holland American and Regent Seven Seas. Depending on your specific cruise type choice you may find that all of these do not offer the package that you want. Take some time and research the various lines and the specific itineraries for each to find the cruise package that best suits your needs. Holland America, Crystal Cruises and a few others also offer world cruises that port in Australia. You can also check these lines if you are looking for a longer cruise that visits various other countries throughout the world.

There are also smaller lines that offer cruises from Australia that range from three to seven days. These smaller lines visit areas such as Fiji and the Great Barrier Reef and port in Australia year round so you will need to fly into the country in order to depart.