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Fiji Cruises

Introduction to Fiji Cruies

Fiji known as “The Crossroads of the Pacific” lies in the southwest Pacific, consisting of 333 individual islands of which only 100 are inhabited. Fiji island vacations usually embark from Sydney Australia on board some of the finest cruise ships in the World. Royal Caribbean, Princess and several other popular cruise lines each offer a wide array of cruise packages and port-of-call destinations that encompass a complete Fiji cruise. Shorter cruises are also available from New Zealand ports.

The Pacific Princess owned and operated by Royal Caribbean cruise lines offers an unlimited amount of cruises throughout the Fiji islands with cruises ranging from seven to fourteen nights each cruise with different ports-of-calls. Aboard the Pacific Princess, travelers will be exposed to luxurious suites with 70% having balconies, four restaurants, eight nightclubs with live entertainment, swimming pools with water slides and a grand casino all refined in style and elegance.

Ports of Call

Ports-of-call for a Fiji cruise vary, depending on the particular cruise package selected. With larger vessels not stopping at some of the smaller islands, there are vessels that offer frequent voyages to the majority of the occupied islands on a regular basis. Some of the most popular ports-of -call are, Lifou (Loyalty Island), Vila (Vanatu Island), Lautoka and Suva (Fiji Island) and Isle of the Pines (New Caledonia).

Each port-of-call is rich in history and tradition offering all travelers some of the most breath-taking and panoramic views imaginable. The natural beauty of the area is both inspiring and magnificent. A sense of peace, harmony and tranquility prevails in all ports-of-calls and is equally expressed towards tourists by the local population.

International Date Line

The International Date Line passes directly through Fiji. In Taveuni there is a location where one can stand with one foot in the day before while the other foot remains in the current day. When it is1PM in Los Angeles, it is 9PM in Fiji the next day. This is often amusing to many travelers and gives them the opportunity to be in “two places at the same time.”

Unlimited Attractions

There are unlimited attractions available throughout the Fiji islands that are sure to please all travelers. From miles of white sandy beaches to majestic mountains and cloudless skies that are reflected in the crystal clear waters of this tropical paradise, a Fiji cruise is more than a mere vacation. A Fiji cruise is an adventure that will be remembered and cherished for a lifetime.


Rates for a Fiji cruise vacation vary widely depending on the locations that have been selected to visit. Cruises are available from 3-14 days with some cruises extending for longer periods of time. Average rates range from $929 -$1969 (twin) for a 7 day cruise, to $1819-$2100(twin) for a 14 day cruise. Rates are subject to restrictions and limitations and should be thoroughly reviewed before booking. Consultation with an experienced travel agency is recommended for trips involving advanced booking, numerous stops and detailed arrangements to avoid possible travel delays.