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New Zealand Cruises

Why New Zealand?

Apart from having a rich cultural history to explore, New Zealand also boasts some of the most scenic coastlines in the world. Situated close to Australia, it is home to some of the most recognized athletes in popular water sports and also to those left of the ancient aboriginal tribes. The beauty of the situation is that if you cruise in New Zealand, you will also be able to stop on land and experience this fairly small but majestic country. So by cruising you have the benefit of seeing New Zealand from every angle. It is recommended that you spend some time on the long stretches of beach you will find there or visiting one of New Zealand’s famous harbors to fully explore the coastline as a visitor.

Orion Expedition Cruises

Orion is one of the most recognized cruises in the pacific area. Cruising in and around New Zealand will also take you to the sub-Antarctic in this case. These are places that are not easily accessible to the common traveler but Orion makes this experience possible. Considering the value of the cruise, you will find that they have very competitive rates ranging from $8340 to $17470 depending on the type of accommodation and the package chosen. Most of your time will be spent on land with a stop in the country’s capital but you can also enjoy at least 4 days at sea with stops at surrounding islands.

Coral Princess Cruises

Coral Princess Cruises focus on the coastline, exploring things like New Zealand’s national parks (of which there are 14 in total) and the pacific island life that they have held so dear for hundreds of years. They will help you make the most of the comfortable climate that Kiwis enjoy whilst still allowing you to see the majestic glaciers and icy surrounding mountain peaks. The cruise runs over a period of 12 days and will cost you anywhere from $799 to $10190 depending on whether you choose to be on the main decks or the promenade. Booking can be done via the net however; you will need to pay in NZD if you aren’t from Australia. So the price would then equate to NZ$ 10386 up to NZ$ 13246 for twin share.

Holland America Line

This cruise operator will stop throughout the journey around New Zealand. You will be able to extensively explore the culture and the country’s breathtaking ocean views. This cruise line is fairly expensive ranging from $1599 to $3899 but has some major liners with stunning facilities. Plus the cruise is the longest so far spanning over a 14 day period in New Zealand’s summer months which is the time that the country is at its finest and of course, peak season.


The laid-back nature of New Zealanders is part of their charm and you can experience this by cruising to the country. This is still the best way to see their famous coastline and take it all in from the comfort of your ship while still stopping in to get a taste of their most popular and favorite dishes like hangi, roast lamb with mint, paua fritters and delicious desert pavlova’s. You could also experience some beverage favorites’ like L&P which is similar to what we in the west think of as Lemonade. This is the perfect place to cruise and leave your troubles behind.