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Papua New Guinea Cruises

Introduction to Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a very diverse and unique region in the eastern half of New Guinea. It includes over one thousand different cultures with each one having their own specific traditions and customs. The people of this region welcome visitors and are eager to share their culture, stories, legends and music with you. Their talent does not stop there, as they are home to some of the most impressive primitive art in the entire world.

The luscious tropical jungle and breath-taking mountain landscapes make Papua New Guinea cruises the perfect vacation for site-seeing. Both Dobu and Fergussen Island create a fun and welcoming atmosphere for their visitors. This region certainly understands the importance of their tourism industry and they have a lot to offer visitors to their lands.

One-of-a-Kind Attractions

The sites and attractions to see while on one of the Papua New Guinea Cruises is almost as vast and diverse as the many cultures that you will find there. Here is a small list of what you can expect to see on your cruise:

  • • Native to this region are over three thousand different kinds of orchids- a beautiful site and a haven for gardeners who are both amateur and professional.
  • • This region is home to the world’s largest moth and butterfly habitat and gives visitors wonderful sightings of these beautiful species.
  • • The infamous reefs that can be seen on one of the Papua New Guinea cruises attract divers from all over the world.
  • • Divers looking for a little history under the water can visit Madang, which is famous for its underwater World War II wreckage exploration.
  • • The Sepik River is the perfect location for bird watching giving you the ability to grab your binoculars and find a wide array of bird species while enjoying a Papua New Guinea cruise.
  • • A stop at Crown Island will give you a chance to walk along the extraordinary beaches and take a dip in the crystal clear water.
  • • Kimbel Bay offers an absolutely magnificent coral reef that includes at least 860 tropical fish species and over 400 varieties of coral. Underwater diving and snorkeling offer a great chance to see these beautiful and colorful views. The crystal clear water makes it easy for spectacular viewing.
  • • Friendly atmosphere as the native people of this land welcome you and share their culture with you.

Things to Know

Taking one of the Papua New Guinea cruises is the best way to travel to this area as much of the inner regions in this area are full of unrest. Knowing the importance of tourism to the economy, this government takes incredible steps to secure the coastal areas.

To take advantage of the fantastic diving excursions, you should plan to take one of the Papua New Guinea cruises between mid –April or May and early December. The diving will be at its best during this time frame. There are also more places offering you a diving experience during these times so you will be able to find more options.