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Samoa Cruises

Introduction to Samoa Cruises

Samoa is located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is part of the Polynesian islands and has an estimated population of 185,000. Samoa consists of two islands namely Upolu and Savaii. The islands are covered in beautiful vegetation, home to white sandy beaches and are surrounded by clear blue waters. A cruise to Samoa is a very popular choice when choosing to vacation in the area as it allows you to see a number of different places on the islands. Tour operators are also often able to offer you guided tours and/or fun things to do whilst stopping at the islands. Most cruises to Samoa start from in the South Pacific although there are some round the world cruises which depart from the US and stop at the islands.

Best Time to Travel

Samoa enjoys a tropical climate with a rainy season between October and March and a dry season between May and October. The best time to travel is therefore in the dry season although winter vacations can still be had in the area.


Samoa has a number of interesting things for people on a cruise holiday to do during their short stop on the islands. There are several national parks which are brimming with vegetation and numerous species of wildlife. There are also a number of interesting lakes and waterfalls in the area. For people who fancy a bit of an adventure there are a number of caves on Samoa which are waiting to be discovered, there are lava fields in Savaii and there are some fantastic dive spots for people who like scuba diving.

For people who want a more relaxed visit to Samoa there are miles and miles of beautiful beaches surrounding the islands, and there also a number of golf courses. Other popular activities include fishing, visiting the local Samoan markets and Kilikiti – the Samoan version of cricket.

Cruise Companies Travelling to Samoa

There are not many cruise companies that currently travel to Samoa. Of the companies that operate most of them depart from in the South pacific although some round the world cruises that depart from the US also stop at the islands. A selection of companies includes:

  • • Princess Cruises – this cruise company offer a number of cruises with stops in Samoa. A popular choice is the ten day Tahiti and Polynesia cruise which departs from Papeete. Prices range from $499 to $4345 per person.
  • • Talofa Cruises – this is Samoa’s only private cruise ship company. They offer a few different cruise itineraries and also private boat charters. This company guarantees to give all of its passengers a unique and individual experience. The company mainly offers day cruises including the Atua Cruise, the Aana Cruise, the Tumua Cruise and the Salfai Cruise. The company also offer a party cruise every Friday night! Prices vary so customers are advised to contact the company directly. This is however definitely the best way to cruise around Samoa!