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Tonga Cruises

Introduction to Tonga

Tonga, or officially The Kingdom of Tonga, is also known as the Friendly Islands. It is a group of 176 islands in the South Pacific Ocean. With a tropical climate and beautiful dreamy beaches, it is the perfect destination for a fantastic cruise. Whether you choose to go whale watching, or you would like to relax on the paradise-like beaches of Tonga, your cruise will be a total success and you will never forget your Tonga cruise experience.

Tonga Cruises for US Residents

Unfortunately, there are no available Tonga cruises which depart from the USA. However, this does not mean that US residents do not have a chance to experience the wonders of the Tonga Islands, because there is a way for them to get there. There are many cruise lines that offer cruise deals from the USA to Australia, so the Tonga experience will be a great one considering the mileage covered on your cruises from the USA to Australia, and then from Australia to Tonga Islands. You can also fly to Australia, and then book a cruise from there to the Tonga Islands.

Another way for US residents to go on a Tonga cruise is to visit the Friendly Islands while on a world cruise, starting from the USA:

Holland America Line – you can book the 110-day Grand World Voyage that departs from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and you will visit a lot of different interesting places along the way, including George Town, Puerto Limon, Panama Canal, Manta, Callao, Easter Island, Papeete, Bora Bora, Rarotonga, Alofi and then you will visit Nuku Alofa the capital city of The Kingdom of Tonga. Later you will visit more interesting destinations such as Auckland, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai and Dubai. As it is obvious, this world cruise will offer you a chance to see a large number of interesting destinations all over the world, including Tonga Island.

Regent Seven Seas – with this cruise company, you can book a 25-night cruise from San Francisco to Auckland with one of the ships from their fleet called the Seven Seas Voyager. During the cruise, you will visit Hawaii, French Polynesia, Tahiti and Bora Bora before getting to the Tonga Islands, and after that reaching Auckland in New Zealand. While on the islands of Tonga, you will have the opportunity to go kayaking, to see Captain Cook’s landing place and to take a cultural tour of the place. You will have an opportunity to learn about the history of the capital city of The Kingdom of Tonga Nuku Alofa and to visit some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world. When it comes to the cost of this fantastic cruise, there are special promotions available and it can cost between $12,999 for a Deluxe Suite, to $42,999 for the Master Suite.

All in all, you should not miss the opportunity to go on a Tonga cruise as the islands of this land are something out of this world and it will be an unforgettable experience.