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Bahama Cruises

Every single year, thousands of people take a cruise to the Bahamas. But why? What’s so special about Bahama cruises? Well, leaving out the ridiculously great weather, the beaches, and the island life that just seems to slow everything down a little, there are about a trillion other reasons to go! Here are just a few of them, along with some tips to keep you safe in the sunshine.

Find Your Dreamboat

No ladies (or guys, if that’s your thing), this is not an edict for you to book three or four Bahama cruises to find a big, dreamy hunk of a man - although that’s certainly an option, either by accident, or by design, if you book a singles cruise - it’s just a reminder to make sure you pick the cruise line that fits you best. If family fun is your cup of tea, check out Disney or Carnival cruise lines! They offer tons of fun, family-centered activities, and, if you just can’t take one more minute with your little bundles of joy, there’s a daycare center, too. After all, grown-ups need a little vacation, too!

If you want pampering like you’ve never seen, try Celebrity Cruise Lines! They pull out all the stops, often holding art auctions, wine-tastings (with fine vintages from their personal selection), and all the other spa / relaxation center-esque treatment you could ever want or need. Lump that in with the fact that you’re sailing in the Bahamas, and you may never want to leave!

Obviously, the above suggestions are just that - suggestions. There are plenty of other fantastic cruise lines available, with plenty of packages, options, and themes to suit anyone’s tastes. The important thing is to keep your options open!

Timing Is Everything!

Not only is timing important during the pre-cruise phase (early bookings are best!), but it matters once you get there, too! For example, are you up for a Bahama cruise in hurricane season? If not, you’d better make sure you schedule your vacation outside of the “hurricane window”: 1 June - 30 November! Something else that can add to the spice and variety of your Bahama cruise is to take part in the daily life of the people you’ll come to meet on the islands! There are many festivals, some unique to the Bahamas (Junkaroo Day), and some that are just like home (Christmas, New Years’ Eve/Day). No one is left out, and everyone is guaranteed a good time, not to mention more food than you could ever eat!

What to Do, What to Do....?

Obviously, shipboard fun is only part of your reason for taking a cruise. Once you reach the Bahamas, you’re going to want to go ashore and see what there is to see! Well, lucky for you, there’s so much to do you won’t even be able to fit it all in. For instance, scuba diving, walks on the sea floor, and swimming with dolphins are just a few of the aquatic diversions available to you. Oh, and if you’re at all fascinated by reefs (and who isn’t - they’re awesome!), there’s an extensive reef system to explore.

On land, you can explore the Versailles Gardens (a free, public garden in the French style), play a round or two of golf on any one of several world-famous courses, or just shop ‘til you drop! Oh, and one more thing you might want to remember: The Bahamas & surrounding areas were, at one time, havens for pirates - shipwreck tour, anyone?

There are many more options to explore than this article can mention, both on shore, in the sea, and aboard ship, but suffice it to say, whatever ship you end up sailing on, and whatever you do while you’re cruising, your Bahama cruise will be unforgettable - so go book it!