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Cruises Caribbean

Few things say “FUN!” like cruises in the Caribbean. A leisurely trip around the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, or the Virgin Islands is often just what the doctor ordered. But there are a few things you need to bear in mind when planning your trip - after all, no one cruises the Caribbean with a frown! Follow these tips, and you won’t break the streak.

First, style counts. That is to say, each cruise line has its own “flavor”, and you want to make sure yours matches up. If you’re looking for a singles cruise, or a gay-friendly vacation at sea, you don’t want to wind up on a ship whose style, itinerary, and general “vibe” doesn’t suit you! After all, you’re spending good money to be there. This is where you should make your travel agent earn his / her pay.

Quick! Look at the calendar. Now think.... when are you wanting to go cruising? If you’re scratching your head in consternation, there’s a problem. When booking a cruise, especially cruises in the Caribbean, timing is everything. Cruises Caribbean are the most popular among all the varied options out there, and if you sit around, mired in indecision, you’re going to miss out. Particularly if you’re planning on spending part (or all - you lucky thing, you!) of the winter in the sun-drenched reaches of the Caribbean, you’re going to need to book your cruise package far, far in advance of your expected departure. This not only ensures you’ll get a spot on the ship, but more importantly, it increases the odds that said spot won’t be next to the all-night disco. Additionally, make sure you book early, so if you find a better deal, a route that seems more fun, or something like that, you can change your booking without hassle (though it may cost you!). This goes double if there’s something you have your heart set on. If you want to visit Jamaica, you should probably make sure Negril is a port of call on your cruise’s itinerary!

Speaking of Jamaica, it’s a territory of the British Commonwealth. That means, if you want to see it from a better vantage point than your stateroom’s porthole, you’re going to need your passport. Many cruises Caribbean sail into foreign waters. Don’t forget your ID! The same holds true of any medical or insurance paperwork. Keep it handy; you may not need it (let’s hope not!) but if you do, you’ll have it with you. An ounce of prevention, as they say....

Finally, unless you’re specifically planning on sailing solo, bring someone with you! The only thing better than a good time is a good time with friends!

And there you have it: the framework for fun, safe cruises Caribbean. However, if you have questions you think this article has failed to answer, don’t hesitate to ask your travel agent for advice.... and have fun!