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Leeward Islands Cruises

Introduction to Leeward Islands Cruises

When you need to unwind and relax and forget about daily problems, a cruise is definitely one of the things that can help you do that. All cruises, no matter the destination can help, but the truth is that deep down inside, when we think about cruises, we always think of sunny, warm days with clear blue waters and laid back hosts to clear your head. Tropical islands are ideal as a cruise destination and few more so than the Leeward Islands.

Why Choose Leeward Islands?

We've all heard of Bora Bora and the name in itself suggests exoticism and sunny beaches. But on top of being on a sunny tropical island, the Leeward Islands allow you to unwind with hiking trips and scuba diving excursions which give you the chance to see marine life that you would only normally see in an aquarium. Cruise companies hire experts to lead you exactly to the spots where you can find them and some companies also offer workshops on the islands' wildlife. The Great Barrier Reef is a once in a lifetime opportunity – diving in the area is a pleasure you must try at least once.

The advantage of the Leeward Islands stands in its charming coastal towns and the almost untouched inner island areas. You can see tropical forest and discover its beauty in plants and flowers that you haven't heard of before. The islands' culture, beaches, and restaurants are all charming and relaxing and will be a pleasant surprise for everyone. And last, but not least, party people will also find an active nightlife available for them – allowing them to fully engross themselves in the tropical island spirit.

Companies Cruising to the Leeward Islands

If you're looking to see just the Leeward Islands, focus on the local culture, flora and fauna, or simply enjoy the sun – companies like the Tahiti Yacht Charter offer week-long trips around most of the Leeward Islands. The advantage of this kind of a trip is specialized guides and more time to explore everything, as opposed to rushing to see everything in one day. The other advantage of a yacht charter, as opposed to a large cruise-line, also consists of the feeling of intimacy one gets when sailing on a smaller boat – you get to bond more with the crew and trips can be scheduled to your interests.

If you want a general tour of the area, with stops in all the major points but also covering nearby areas like the Panama Canal or Mexico, larger companies like Cunard might be a better option. You get to see more than one place during your trip – which can make your cruise more exciting. A cruise line also offers more activities on board the cruise ship, not to mention more luxurious conditions. The Princess Cruises also sail around the Caribbean and Leeward Islands for trips lasting from seven to twenty days, including also the nearby areas of Aruba, Grenada and Puerto Rico. Crystal Cruises also has itineraries, starting in Miami and doing a round-trip with stops including Antigua, St. Maarten, Barbados and Grand Turk.