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Puerto Rico Cruises

Introduction to Puerto Rico Cruises

San Juan is the single most used port when it comes to cruising in the Caribbean. Even more impressive, after Miami, Puerto Rico is the second most popular cruising destination in the world. Finding cruise companies with ships travelling to Puerto Rico is one of the easiest things to do – but just like everything else that offers too many choices, you may find it hard to decide on the best cruise for you.

San Juan

As Puerto Rico's major port, San Juan is an ideal destination for cruises. It is placed ideally within sailing distance of all the major American east coast ports as well as the major Caribbean ports. For an American citizen it is also a perfect travel destination since US citizens do not require a passport to enter the country. There are very few cruise liners who sail to the Caribbean without stopping at San Juan – in fact it is the first stop of a number of companies!

If you have just one day to spend, you have to see Old San Juan – it is the central area and contains a number of sightseeing points including Fort San Felipe del Morro, Fort San Cristobal and El Palacio de Santa Catalina. As a city founded in 1521, San Juan, especially the old historical sites, will please your eyes with its beautiful buildings and historical monuments. Don't forget to spend a few minutes in Plaza de Armas or Plaza de Colon to get a true sense of Puerto Rico.

Companies Cruising to Puerto Rico

  • Celebrity Cruises – One of the most popular cruise companies in the US, Celebrity Cruises has one of the top cruise ships in the world. The company organizes professionally designed cruises, with shore and land excursions and specialized theme cruises dedicated to wine-lovers, antique collectors and various other categories.
  • Princess Cruises – One of the largest cruise companies, Princess Cruises offers cruises around 130 itineraries, stopping in 330 ports worldwide. With its registered mark, the consummate host, Princess Cruises offers a very varied dining menu including all customer favorites from formal dining to pizza.
  • Royal Caribbean – Despite its name, the Royal Caribbean offers cruises worldwide from the icy shores of Alaska and Canada to Mexico, Hawaii and, obviously, the Caribbean. Six ships belonging to Royal Caribbean sail towards 16 areas in the world, starting from about 50 possible locations.
  • Silversea – An all-inclusive cruise-line, Silversea has six ships that all offer ocean-view suites- many of them having private verandas, offering a nice view and privacy in the most comfortable setting. Silversea covers nine possible routes and their cruises include enrichment programs and activities that would make your cruising experience as pleasant as possible.
  • Seabourn – With six yachts at their disposal and nine possible cruising areas, Seabourn offer a personalized cruising experience. The company makes a point of adapting their services to each client, with the staff trained to remember each and everyone's name and personal preferences.