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Azamara Club Cruises

Introduction to Azamara Club Cruises

Royal Caribbean Cruises is a Norwegian company founded in 2007 that owns the Azamara Club cruises group. It currently operates the Azamara Quest and the Azamara Journey boats, and offers fantastic cruising services for destinations all around the world. The Azamara cruises have a remarkable reputation for their onboard service and continuously invest in personnel and equipment to keep their passengers happy. With a ratio of one staff member to every two staff it is clear that Azamara Club cruises are setting a standard of service for others in the business to follow.

Food and Fun

Famous chefs demonstrate their culinary talents on the board of Azamara Cruises combining sophisticated ingredients with delightful designs to make a meal look as artsy as it is delicious. One can choose from many food options from Swedish buffets, specialty restaurants to pizzerias and Chinese food. The dress code is relaxed, so wearing ball outfits when going to the dining hall is rather a matter of each passenger’s choice according to personal taste.

As for the entertainment options on the Azamara Club cruises, There are a lot of fun things to try both on the inside and in the open air. For instance, people who opt for indoor activities, can choose between mind exercises, fitness and game shows. If that does not please passengers enough, they can always go to a cabaret show, do some shopping, go to a casino and even attend an art auction.

Azamara Club’s Cruise Options

The smaller and more intimate ships that Azamara sails with can go where the big and heavy cruise ships of companies cannot. For instance, the Azamara Journey takes its passengers on pleasant river trips from San Juan, Puerto Rico, along the Amazon River to Manaus, Brazil; stops also include Boca de la Valeria, Macapa, Brdgetown, Roseau, Gustavia, Alter Do Chao and Parintins.

The costs for such cruises start from $3199 per person (for interior rooms) and go up to $5499 per person (for suites). For this price you’ll get an almost all inclusive service: the accommodation, most of the meals, most of the entertainment, a part of the beverage and mostly all of the entertainment. If you plan a trip to Asia, South America, The Caribbean, the Mediterranean Sea or Europe, the Azamara Journey is for you!

Shore Excursions

For every excursion, there is a professional guide to offer information about the place and the culture of each visited sight. Those who are interested can make on line reservations up to 4 days before the embarking date and choose from the following excursions:

  • A Ferrari driving experience in Rome
  • Hong Kong night market and shopping tour
  • A wine tasting tour across Italy
  • A drive through the rainforests in Dominica
  • A sightseeing canal cruise in Amsterdam
  • Copper Canyon by train in Mexico
  • Mexican cooking lessons in Acapulco
  • An Everglades Safari in Florida
  • A trip to the atomic bomb museum in Nagasaki