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Feasting on the intriguing faraway lands of Asia and experiencing the beauty of the enchanting European lands, is that what you want to do? Well, exploring nature’s bounty is all a traveler’s soul wants to do and if you want to discover the undiscovered and experience nature’s gift at its purest, embark on a journey that gives you the opportunity to marvel at God’s creation. Make Azamara Cruises a partner in your journey of a lifetime. Now known as the Azamara Club Cruises, it is an up-market cruise line that is destination immersive and gives you the opportunity not only to see the places and discover alien cultures but also live with them. Azamara Cruises has two intimate cruise ships that boast of excellent services with all the amenities you can think of. The ships take pride in their cuisine and the wining and dining experience will be unparalleled.


Explore the majestic past and witness the majestic future of Asia with Azamara Cruises. The cruise journey will allow you to experience Asian culture at its very best. The forbidden city of Beijing, the nooks and corners of Singapore and the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, you will be able to see everything. Indulge in the shore excursion to delve deep into the endless possibilities that the world has to offer. Savor the mystical lands of Asia.


Your journey to the Caribbean with Azamara Cruises is truly about knowing the unknown. The Azamara ships will take you to the Caribbean islands and show you a side of the islands that you were completely unaware of. You will witness Caribbean like you never thought you would. The gentler and unhurried parts of the Caribbean are not often explored by larger ships, but with Azamara you will be able to enjoy a different Caribbean. From the sun kissed beaches of Basse-Terre to the amazing tropical reefs that characterize St’ Barts, Caribbean is all about unraveling new perspectives. With the rusting of the palms experience the Caribbean of your dreams.


Bienvenidos. Azamara Cruises takes you to the equatorial paradise of Mexico where you can enjoy the vibrant colors and the breathtaking and vibrant cityscapes. The invigorating Mexican culture and the amazing scenery is a travelers’ dream. The sun drenched beaches, the pristine coastlines, and the great Mexican people will make it a journey that you will remember forever. At the Huatulco plantation you can soak up the local customs while from the Chapel of Peace in Acapulco you can view the stunning skyline. Touring the sparkling waters of Mexico is something that you just cannot afford to miss.


Discover the ethereal beauty of the Transatlantic with Azamara Cruises. Transatlantic sailing is something that every sailor wants to do once in his lifetime and after you set sail you will experience the nature’s work at its best. The serenity and the peace that this cruise journey will offer you are simply amazing. Spend your day soaking in the leisurely sun and watching the glorious sea. The nights are nothing less than magic.