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Introduction To Cumbria Cruises

If you reside outside the United Kingdom, Cumbria Cruises may be new to your ears, or even the exact location of Cumbria. Headquartered in Cumbria, Cumbria Cruises are leading travel agents taking bookings for cruise lines all across the globe. The company have been honored with the Best Cruise Agent award by the travel industry for three continuous years. Cruise specialist, as it is commonly known, Cumbria Cruises has served more than 25 years as a top UK cruise and travel agent. The cruise is affiliated with the Barrow Travel Group that was launched in 1982 and was among the very first travel agents to expertise in cruising during the 1980’s under the banner Cumbria Cruise Club.


Cumbria cruises has an outstanding and long association with all major cruise lines, yielding the best of deals, keeping abreast of the up-to-date information and a desirable reputation. The year 2004 saw another well established cruise line agent, Cruise Savers International become a major part of Cumbria Cruise. Cruise Savers International and Cumbria Cruise shared the same premises of Barrow in Furness. Interestingly, at the end of 2006 these two leading companies were married to form one outstanding cruise agency now known as Cumbria Cruises. The Cooperative Group Ltd acquired the Cumbria Cruise in 2001, to help in building its latest technology to keep it well equipped. This long established collaboration has been acting as an added security for the company’s customers.

Why Cumbria Cruises?

According to a recent survey, Cumbria Cruises were ranked as the best providers of personal service and reliably competitive tariffs, which are the two prime advantages of booking with them. Cumbria Cruises is best known for the quality of service they offer and the profound knowledge the company holds about the industry, cruise lines and ships. Cumbria Cruises’ travel advisors are specialists who have had either traveled or visited more than 80% of the cruise ships in operation currently and who are regularly updating themselves and being taught about the newer trends in the cruise industry. Needless to say, they will conduct all the necessary hard-work and research on the customers’ behalf, to help them in choosing and booking the right cruise, whether or not they have previously experienced the services of Cumbria Cruise.

In addition to this, Cumbria as a place encompasses a massive area having approximately 400 villages and towns. It is surrounded by lush British countryside and rolling hills, majorly covered by Cumbria cruises. Cumbria Cruise also covers the Lake District which is a national park and a home to the famous lakes, the biggest lake being Windermere and the official lake Bassenthwaite Lake.

About the Website

The official website of Cumbria Cruise is While navigating through the website, one can come across several extraordinary deals and cruise special offers. These range from luxury cruise, river cruise, stay & cruise, and so on. Additional, attractions include Princess Cruise offers, Cunard offers, as well as cruise ship reviews where customers can read detailed reviews of other customers’ experiences about the various cruise ships.