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Galveston Cruises

Although not a traditional homeport, Galveston, Texas has been gaining popularity with cruisers over the past few years. Many are finding it much easier to depart when compared with other homeports that are typically much busier and traffic filled. Galveston cruises allow vacationers to enjoy many different ports of call while conveniently leaving from Galveston which is a much less busy area than Miami and other homeports around the world. You can typically book a cruise from Galveston for as few as four or as many as seven days in length. Various ports include Mexico, Central America and the Western Caribbean as well as many transatlantic destinations from Galveston to various ports in Europe.

Cost of Galveston Cruises

Cost is always a factor when booking a cruise. Cruises leaving from Galveston may not be the least expensive option but they are far from the most expensive. There are various ways to cut your costs depending on your specific preferences and your destination. Many different websites and travel agencies offer discounts on cruise packages as well as special bonus amenities for those booking at specific times of the year. When booking a cruise it is important that you spend some time comparing rates from various agencies. This allows you to select the lowest cost for your cruise package while ensuring that you get all of the amenities that you want. There are many agencies that offer discounts and all-inclusive packages that will pay for your airfare to Galveston and hotel rooms if you have to stay on shore the night before or after your cruise. Take the time to look around at different sites and ensure that you are getting the cruise that you want for the price that you pay.

The Cruise Experience

Galveston cruises are available through many different ships. Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise lines both have ships that depart from Galveston and offer many different amenities and options. The service on these ships is outstanding and you will find that they offer a very unique cruising experience. Dining on most ships is open meaning that you have your choice of when and where you eat. The menus are developed by expert chefs from around the world, making your dining experience one to remember. Price for a Galveston cruise typically includes the accommodations, all meals onboard, entertainment, celebrations or parties and transportation between the ports and the ship. Alcoholic beverages are normally not included in the cost of the cruise. Larger ships have a host of activities to enjoy that are perfect for couples, singles and families with children. Cooking classes, swimming in various different onboard pools, bingo, casinos and various shows are all offered for cruisers. Spas and other amenities may also be offered depending on the specific cruise that you book.

Galveston cruises offer a much more laid-back approach to cruising and are an excellent choice for first time cruisers. Depending on the port of call you may need a valid passport so be sure to check with the cruise line you choose before departing.