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Introduction to Cruise Companies

Since there are a lot of different cruise companies in the USA, it is of great importance to do some research in order to find a cruise company that will suit your needs best. Depending on the type of cruise you would like to go on, the destination and the duration of the cruise, the level of service you require and the amount of money you are willing to spend on your cruise, you will be offered different options from different cruise companies and you will be faced with a tough decision to make.

Cruise Companies in the USA

Knowing that there are many factors that should be taken into account when deciding on a cruise company, below is a list of some of the cruise companies in the USA that you can choose from. All of these cruise companies have excellent passenger reviews and they are all very popular today in the USA:

  • Carnival Cruise Lines – founded in 1972 and located in Miami, Florida, this cruise company has 22 cruise ships currently available to their passengers. The cruise destinations they offer are numerous including the Bahamas, Hawaii, Europe, Mexico, and many others, as well as an interesting cruise called Cruise to Nowhere. This cruise gives you the opportunity to experience different destinations onboard one of the fantastic cruise ships from their large fleet.
  • Disney Cruise Line – this cruise company specializes in family cruises, with four different ships in their fleet: Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. With different fun and exciting activities for both children and their parents, these ships are the perfect solution for family cruises, where every member of the family will have the chance to enjoy as well as get some rest while on the cruise. Destinations include Europe, the Bahamas, the Panama Canal and many others. Disney Cruise Lines offers a unique rotational dining system, which enables passengers to have their meals in a different Disney-themed restaurant every night of the cruise.
  • Celebrity Cruises – with 11 fascinating cruise ships in their fleet, this company offers cruises to many different destinations such as Alaska, Australia, Bermuda, Galapagos, South America and many others. Features offered on their cruise ships include a lot of dining options, bars and clubs, spa and fitness centers, casinos, shopping malls and many more. This cruise company specializes in luxury cruises, so the service offered is outstanding.
  • Holland America Line – cruising with this company enables you to go to different destinations such as Australia, Caribbean and many more, as well as plenty of options regarding shopping, sports activities and dining. Their service is really good and it is available to you 24 hours a day. While on a cruise provided by this cruise company, you will have a chance to entertain yourself by going to their casino or maybe have a beer at the sports bar.


Whichever cruise company you choose you will not be disappointed, as every one of these companies is well-equipped and offers high quality service to each and every one of their passengers.