Breathtaking Cruises

Oceania Cruises

Veterans of Cruise industry pioneered Oceania Cruises for a destination-intensive trip that emphasizes on a floating hotel luxury standard. Superior service and world class dining are its proud offerings amongst many others. If you want to enjoy a trip where you have a home away from home, right on your vacation transport, then you can have your dream come true on Oceania cruises. It’s just like booking a 4-5 star hotel or a private villa.

Oceania Cruises Shipping Line

Oceania Cruises include 4 distinct lines, Regatta and its sister cruise Insignia present the unique Oceania style. Nautical has been refurbished for around $10 million. Marina (and a sister ship) were set to launch in 2010 with a total A- class luxury provision.


All cruises ply the seas of Europe- Mediterranean, British Isles, Northern Europe’s Baltic and Norwegian Fjords- in summer months. In winter, these Oceania Cruises span globally to Caribbean, Panama Canal, Southern America, Asia and Australia. Oceania Cruises mostly sail in between 10-12 in the night. For each port of call, passengers will be given lectures on the history, traditions and specific island cultures.

The Dream Cruise

On board the Oceania Cruises, passengers will be delighted to have:

  • • Traditional luxury with dark mahogany furniture and subtle fabrics with richly colored carpets.
  • • Standard balcony cabins let you orient yourself to the sea from the start.
  • • Four restaurants are onboard Oceania Cruises. One traditional dining room set up is there with no particular table and seating routine. The other 3 are specialty restaurants without additional charges.
  • • Menus are crafted by world renowned chef, Jacques Pepin heading the culinary staff, so you can just imagine the variety and standard of tasteful delicacies.
  • • A well-trained staff is there eager to help passengers with grace and courtesy.
  • • Dress code is usually casual like the country club representing the Oceania Cruises’ mindset of making passengers feel comfort in doing whatever they like any time.
  • • Intimate public spaces for socializing – pool deck becomes a conversation center and indoor lounges have conversation rooms.
  • • The Patio is adjacent to the swimming pool and hot bath tubs. It has drapes and carpeting with plush sofas for you to relax in luxury.
  • • Evening entertainment is made through light cabaret artists, combo jazz or soft melodies. Karaoke sessions are also on schedule. You can enjoy dancing with fellow passengers as well.
  • • Children can find the traditional Ping-Pong, shuffle board and Monopoly game in a separate room.

Extra Luxuries

Oceania Cruises have spas that give premium services at affordable prices and come with a complimentary thallassotherapy whirlpool. Private cabanas with double chaise lounge can be rented on Deck 11. You can view the sea, draw back the overhead draperies for sunbathing and move the side panels as well. The bathing experience is enriched with waiters offering chilled towels, snacks and beverages to the occupants. You can enjoy this luxury at $100 per day. Pilates and yoga are offered at the fitness center with aerobics classes. Casinos are however small enough to install table, though many slot machines are available. A total of 8 lounges and bars are there with daily afternoon tea.

Oceania Cruises ultimately offer the best value for your money at a price point that is mid-market. You can enjoy a luxurious experience which is worth your hard-earned money.