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Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean International (or RCI, for short) is perhaps the world’s favorite and best-known provider of luxury cruises, offering cruises to all your favorite destinations: Europe, the Caribbean (of course), the Mexican Riviera... if you can think of it, the odds are in your favor that Royal Caribbean cruises there.

Those taking advantage of one of the many opportunities to enjoy Royal Caribbean cruises will encounter something I’ve never heard of before: Floors that add to the aesthetic appeal. That’s right, RCI’s state of the art floors are designed to....well, make designs! Their unique properties make any light that hits them reflect and act in such a way as to give passengers a mini-light show. Neat, huh?

As has been previously stated, nowhere else will cruisers find a more wide variety of choices when it comes to their destination. Of course, Royal Caribbean cruises are centered in, where else, the Caribbean, but Alaska, Hawaii, and California are also popular ports and destinations. One can even book passage to the Panama Canal or Coco Cay, RCI’s privately owned island!

However, Royal Caribbean cruises aren’t just about the destination... after all, getting there is half the fun! While on board, guests will be treated like kings (or queens). The food is well-known for being plentiful, tasty, and in most cases, free! Room service is available 24 hours a day. While we’re on the topic, a word on the food (Hey.... there’s a foodie in all of us!):

Everyone on any of the several, simultaneously-active Royal Caribbean cruises going on has an assigned meal time - you will, too. As far as food choices, go, it runs the gamut from home-cooking to Italian to Caribbean. It’s all up for grabs, so dig in! For the vegetarians & other healthy eaters out there, RCI has you covered with a variety of dining options, so don’t worry - you won’t have to smuggle celery on board!

As far as entertainment goes, beyond your shore trips, there are musicians, stage shows, magic acts, jugglers, comedy routines... you name it, you’ll find it on at least one of Royal Caribbean’s cruises!

There is one downside to booking a cruise with Royal Caribbean: Fun overload (You thought it was going to be something horrible, right?)! The information given in this article is a tiny, TINY portion of what your travel agent (or an RCI agent) can and will give you when you ask for more info on how, when, and where to cruise. That being said, it is very important to plan your trip beforehand! No one wants to spend one of the trademark Royal Caribbean cruises they’ve managed to snag on paperwork and worrying if they’ve forgotten anything. Make your travel agent EARN their pay!

And there you have it: A handy little primer on Royal Caribbean cruises. With this info, and the number of a trusty travel agent, you should be well on your way to having some of the most fun you’ve ever had! Bon voyage!