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Royal Cruises

Royal Caribbean is a world-renowned provider of luxury cruises, some might even go so far as to call them “royal cruises”, what with the vast size of the ships, the opulence once is surrounded by once on board, and the general “5-star” feeling. However, there are plenty of other cruise lines out there that will make you feel like a king (or queen) for as long as you’re on board.

Such “royal cruises” as the ones offered by Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and others travel to all the favorite cruising destinations: Europe, the Caribbean, the Mexican Riviera... if you can point to a map and say “I’d like to go there!”, chances are, there’s a cruise line that can accommodate you.

If you’re headed to Europe, and you want to extend that “royal” feel, check with your travel agent or your cruise ship’s on-board event planner; there are often excursions / day-trips available for passengers, and nothing says “royal” like a trip to the Tower of London!

Royal cruises wouldn’t be deserving of the title if there weren’t some perks involved! Here are a few of the things you can expect if you go for the “all-out” cruise vacation with many of the “big names” in the cruising industry:

  • Some cruises have concierges - think of them as seagoing butlers. Your wish is their command - little hand-bell not included.
  • Assistance with reservations, both for on-ship needs (restaurants, etc.), and for the booking of the cruise itself.
  • We all know someone who is a real foodie - maybe it’s you! Well, rest assured, the food on cruise ships is nothing short of spectacular, often including midnight buffets, open bars, and the like.
  • Headed out to one of your favorite royal cruises destinations? Want to make a bunch of new friends really fast? Throw them a party! Sure, it might cost you, but many cruise lines can help with private party organizations. Weddings, too!
  • VIP restaurant service - Glenlivet scotch for your table, madame?

Royal cruises, whether they have “royal” in their name or not, are pretty much the standard these days. However, you may want to get in touch with your travel agent of choice, as well as the cruise line itself (via phone or email) and ask about any “preferred members” clubs that might be available. Trust me when I say your mind will be blown at some of the things they can afford you - rental cars, free cruises, discounted airfare.... you want to be a member of these things.

WIth all that in mind, it’s important to remember that all cruises take proper planning ahead of time, in order to assure that fun is had by all. One more thing: The last thing anyone playing king or queen wants to do while their royal cruises are underway is mess with paperwork and annoying “What if...?” questions. If you have any of those, or aren’t sure what to bring by way of paperwork, etc., call your travel agent! That’s what they’re paid to do - make sure you have a blast.

And there you have it: Your guide to being the king of royal cruises! Have fun, your Majesty.