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Silver Sea Cruises

Silver Sea Cruises are based in Rome but have branches in the US, Singapore, Australia and the UK. However, their Company Headquarters are based in Monaco. The Silver Sea Cruises have a variety of ships and these ships course many destinations globally. Their Ships are high class and offer exquisite services on board their ships. Some of the services you will be offered will include; personalized service, fully furnished suites with room service and a lot more that you would dream of, tropical as well as paramount dinners are served in their restaurants. They also offer enrichment lectures, as well as many different activities all packaged in the cruise. Apart from that, the Silver Sea Cruises will also offer you Silver Shore programs and magical evenings during the cruises. The life on board of the Silver seas ships is amazing compared to many other cruise lines.

Various ships under Silver Sea

  • The Silver Cloud which has a capacity of 296 guests and 222 crew members
  • The Silver Wind that has the same capacity as The Silver Cloud
  • The Silver Shadow that can hold up to 382 guests and 302 crew members
  • The Silver Whisperer with the same capacity as the Silver Shadow
  • The Silver Spirit, which was launched in 2009 and is able to have on board 540 guests and 376 crew members.
  • Prince Albert II is a smaller ship which holds 132 guests and 117 crew members

The size of their ships is a complete advantage to Silver Sea Cruises, because they are able to call to port in small harbors that larger ships may not be able to dock, and this allows for more time for the tourists to see around the different towns and cities that the ships will call to port. It is even more advantageous for you, when you are travelling and want a ship where there are not too many people, or you even want to hold a private function for a few people, because the Prince Albert II ship would suite your needs perfectly.

Where you can cruise to with Silver Sea

Silver Sea Cruises travel to many destinations in the world. These destinations include;

  • Northern Europe and Baltic
  • Africa, Arabia and the Indian Ocean
  • Asia, New Zealand and Australia
  • Alaska and the Pacific Coast
  • Caribbean, Panama Canal and Bermuda
  • South America
  • Canada
  • New England
  • Transoceanic

With all these places you can visit, there is no need for you to look at other cruise lines, other than the Silver Sea Cruises, which are bound to satisfy your every need, from the service they will give you throughout your course, to the numerous ports of call, and the endless hours of sightseeing in those ports of call, as there are no interruptions from large ships that always dock on large harbors. They offer options where they can send you their online catalogues and they will also help you with the bookings if you want to book online. There are many other places to see en tour the different destinations.