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Voyage of Discovery Cruises

Introduction To Voyage Of Discovery Cruises

Voyage of Discovery is a cruise company which prides itself on its high standard workers, who provide first class service to satisfy the Voyage of Discovery customers. There are two branches, one is in the North America, and the other is in the United Kingdom. Their services has been awarded the Best Cruise Value and the Favorite Niche Cruise Line.

The Services Of Voyage Of Discovery

Voyage of Discovery has a number of cruise destinations for passengers to choose from including:

  • Scandinavia, Russia, and the Baltic
  • Iceland, the Faroes, and North Cape
  • British Isles, and Ireland
  • Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Aegean
  • Transatlantic Voyages
  • Grand Voyages
  • Black Sea, Red Sea, and North Africa
  • the Middle East, Orient, and Australia
  • Latin America, and the Caribbean

Options are slightly different between the North American branch and the United Kingdom branch. Different cruises enable passengers to explore different places, so they can choose a cruise specific to their individual needs and likes. When passengers are traveling, Voyages of Discovery have experts that describe the place they are in and give passengers information on each location. For instance, for passengers taking the Grand Voyage to go to the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Black Sea, experts will tell them about the history and the culture of these three places. Not only that, Voyage of Discovery has provided some scientists and naturalists to inform passengers about the flora and fauna of the place they are visiting. Therefore, everyone will gain some knowledge throughout the trip whilst they are enjoying their vacation.

The Voyage Of Discovery Ships

The Voyage of Discovery Ships have a lot of facilities, such as a library, Wi-Fi hotspots, a medical centre, a cinema, swimming pools, a gymnasium, a duty-free boutique, a beauty salon and more. The library is well-stocked, passengers can find all kinds of books in the library whatever their interest. If passengers have a laptop computer or some other portable electronics with built in Wi-Fi devices, they can even bring them along and surf through the internet during the cruise.

For passengers who like movies, Voyage of Discovery provides a cinema onboard. Passengers can get their popcorns and drinks and watch a number of movies on their trip. When passengers feel it is time to stretch their body, they just have to change into their swim suit and jump into the swimming pool to enjoy swimming onboard the ship. For passengers who like shopping or buying new clothes, there is a duty-free boutique ready for all their shopping needs. It may even be cheaper than most other places, since it is duty-free. For passengers who enjoy being pampered there is even a beauty salon and spa for the upmost relaxation and pampering experience. And if passengers feel unwell at any point, there is a medical centre onboard to cater for any problems that may arise.