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MS Oasis of the Seas

Introduction to the MS Oasis of the Seas

The MS Oasis of the Seas is owned by the Royal Caribbean company and is a fantastic choice when deciding on a cruise. This ship has a capacity of around 6,000 and is one of the biggest ships in the world along with the MS Allure of the Seas. This one of a kind cruise ship is fully equipped and its main purpose is to make the passengers feel safe and comfortable onboard; hence the reason why there are more than 2,150 experienced crew members on every journey. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that there is an array of choices when it comes to activities, shopping and entertainment as the MS Oasis of the Seas really has almost everything you can think of.

MS Oasis of the Seas Neighborhoods

The MS Oasis of the Seas has 7 different neighborhoods that are designed to make your cruise an unforgettable experience and provide you with every single thing you want to have on your vacation. Whether you want to relax, go shopping or play sports there is a different neighborhood suited to your needs, no matter what your age:

  • Central Park – this area of the ship has numerous restaurants and boutiques as well as more than 12,000 plants and 56 trees in its living park.
  • The Pool and Sports Zone – this neighborhood has 4 pools and a number of sports courts.
  • Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center – here you can find anything you may need to help you relax including having your hair and makeup done or enjoying a massage or even enrolling in a yoga or Pilates class.
  • Boardwalk – here you can go for a ride on a carousel or go swimming in the Aqua Theatre Pool. If by any chance you decide to get a tattoo there is even a tattoo parlor.
  • Royal Promenade – this neighborhood includes jewelry and souvenir shops as well as karaoke and a Latin dance club.
  • Youth Zone – this neighborhood is dedicated to children and teens. Here they can play all sorts of games and sports or go and visit the children’s theatre where they can take part in a talent show. A nursery service for young children is also provided.
  • Entertainment Place – in this neighborhood you can enjoy standup comedy shows and live music, or try out your luck in the Casino Royale. To make your cruise even more interesting, you may also want to visit The On Air Club where you can sing karaoke or make your own music video.


The MS Oasis of the Seas is a unique cruise ship that is perfect for any kind of cruise. It has everything you might need that will make your life at sea complete. The world’s biggest cruise ship provides its passengers with internet access, doctors and even special mobile phones which are used for contacting different departments of the ship, other passengers and for tracking your children down, so they do not get lost. All in all, MS Oasis of the Seas will definitely meet all your requirements and offer you a luxurious cruise- one that you will never forget.