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Holland Cruises

Holland cruises are very exciting and allow you to experience a beautiful part of the world. It is important that you book your cruise to Holland a bit in advance to give you ample time to take care of the paperwork required to visit the area. You may also want to bring a translation book to help you with the language when visiting the various ports of call if you are not fluent in Dutch. When booking your Holland cruise, make sure that you pay attention to the ports of call. Amsterdam is a wonderful area for those who like the night life and there is an abundance of beautiful scenery so be sure to bring a camera.

Holland Landscape

Holland is simply a beautiful area that is vastly unincorporated. If you are looking for a place to see that is seemingly uninterrupted by the rest of the world, this is your spot. The Netherlands lie on the North Sea at the mouth of both the Rhine and the Meuse Rivers. Surrounded by many rivers and lakes, with a large inland canal and waterway system, it is a beautiful area to visit. When referring to Holland, most think of the Western region of the Netherlands which is a very small area. Booking Holland cruises will allow you to see this area along with the beautiful landscapes and rivers and lakes surrounding it. A cruise will allow you to experience the best parts of Holland.

The Language

The primary language in Holland is Dutch which is a West German language that is spoken by millions of people in the area. Those who do not know the language may find it fairly hard to communicate so a translator or a phrasebook is essential to ensure that you enjoy your cruise to the fullest extent. Guides are available to show you the various ports of call and some of them speak the Dutch language as well as English. It is a good idea however to keep a phrasebook close just in case you do not have a bilingual guide. The specific type of Dutch that is spoken most often in the Netherland region is based on Holland dialect but also often contains various words and phrases that were derived from Flemish dialect and there are many different variations around the region. It is a good idea to learn a bit of Dutch and practice before you leave on your Holland cruise. You can find various websites that will help you to learn basic words and phrases before you set sail.

Booking Your Cruise

You will find many cruise lines that offer wonderful cruises to Holland. If you are searching for a discounted rate on your cruise you may try booking during the off season when tourism is low. Begin by searching online for Holland cruises and compare various different agencies to get the absolute best rate. Many agencies offer a variety of added bonuses or amenities when booking through their services so be sure to take note of any additional perks of using a specific agency.