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Introduction To Arctic Cruises

When thinking about the Arctic lands, one can only imagine obscure places at extreme temperature, but few remember about the splendor of the land of icebergs and polar bears. Arctic cruises include Canada, Alaska, Russia and Greenland, so at least some sort of civilization can be found at constant below freezing point temperatures. Here are the most popular tour operators that can offer you an unforgettable Arctic experience:

Polar Cruises

This is a prestigious company that delights its passengers with several Arctic cruise possibilities. The North Pole Cruise is an unforgettable journey that only few have the courage to undertake. The destination is not a comfortable, warm spot on the planet, but it’s worth every penny and frozen finger! The destination is not easy to get to, and passengers will embark on this journey onboard the ‘50 Years Of Victory’ ship. There are 64 first class cabins and suites with private facilities, a helicopter for those who care to make flight excursions above the icebergs and numerous indoor rooms. The departure point is Helsinki and prices start from $22,450 per person for an indoor standard twin room and reach up to $33,150 for the Arktika Suite. Flights are not included.

Adventure Canada

Like the name suggests, this company offers cruises across Canada but also across the Arctic Ocean. They have a number of cruises available including the Newfoundland circumnavigation, Greenland and wild labrador and a heart of the Arctic cruise. A popular cruise is the Iceland and Greenland cruise onboard the ‘Clipper Adventurer’. The intimate cruise ship only has room for 118 guests and is one of just a few ships in the world who can glide through ice, safely and easily. The Iceland and Greenland cruise begins in Reykjavik and travels to the Westman Islands, down the Denmark Strait to Tasiilaq and Greenland’s eastern coast before ending at Alluitsup Paa. Prices start at $3495 per person for a quad room and increase to $9995 per person for a suite. Food, drink and excursions are all included in the price. Return air fares are not included so unless you want to spend the rest of your life in Greenland you should get a return ticket of your own.

Quark Expeditions

Quark Expeditions are a popular cruise company who have been offering trips to the Arctic since 1991. They have a number of cruises to the arctic including the Arctic passage, the North Pole, Greenland and Spitsbergen. The most affordable cruise is the eleven day Spitsbergen Explorer. Prices start at $5890 per person for a twin room and increase to $7690 per person for a suite. Air fares are not included in the price although all the excursions are. The ship departs from Longyearbyen with stops at Western Spitsbergen, Smeerenburg and Bourbonhamna before arriving at Longyearbyen on the eleventh day. The cruise enables passengers to experience everything to do with the Arctic including polar bears, walrus’ and icebergs. Quark Expeditions also have an option for passengers to extend their stay in Oslo, with a private tour of the city.