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Indian Ocean Cruises

Introduction to Indian Ocean Cruises

The Indian Ocean has been described as one of the few places on earth than could be considered as “off the beaten path”. With coral and volcanic formations in abundance, the Indian Ocean is one of the few remaining vacation locations that has yet to be inundated by thousands of tourists, remaining a virgin undiscovered land of innocence and beauty.

Indian Ocean cruises remain popular with tourists that appreciate the beauty of nature that is represented throughout this tropical paradise; with swaying palm trees, lagoons with visible bottoms, dense tropical forests and white sandy beaches that have withstood time and Mother Nature. Indian Ocean cruises offer a true “castaway experience” with a warm, never-ending gentle breeze that is fresh and clear. To discover all that comprises the Indian Ocean beauty, cruise ships have begun to bring inquisitive travelers to discover for themselves the true meaning of “off the beaten path.”

Popular Destinations

With an increased interest in Indian Ocean cruises, popular sites continue to be among the most frequently requested by tourist. Large cruise lines including Royal Caribbean, Princess and Disney have seen a continual increase in demand from tourists for vacation packages to the pristine and enchanting lands and Indian Ocean cruises are destined to become one of the most popular vacation cruises available.

To date, the top 10 cruise vacation stops listed in order of popularity and major attractions in the Indian Ocean are as follows:

  • Mozambique (Vamizi)
  • Mauritius (The Oberi)
  • Malaysia (The Datai)
  • Seychelles (Maia)
  • Madagascar (Tsarabanjina)
  • Lamu (Manda Bay)
  • Seychelles (North Island)
  • Maldives (One & Only Reethi Ray)
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania (Mnemba Island Lodge)
  • Seychelles (Fregate Island Private)

Each of these locations although considered to be “remote” offer, accommodations that are comfortable and well maintained. Accommodations range from elegant resorts to grass shacks including all of the amenities, each with breathtaking views of a distant land that once seemed far away but is now at last discovered.

Cruise Lines

Silhouette Cruises is considered to be one of the leading cruise lines operating in the Indian Ocean. For over a decade, Silhouette Cruises have offered ports-of-call in the Indian Ocean that are unique, catering to all expectations of passengers from honeymoons to anniversaries. With the planned expansion of this rapid growing line, Silhouette Cruise lines will soon be sailing to additional ports-of-call throughout the Indian Ocean and are expected to draw millions of tourists on a annual basis.


Due to the pristine nature of this tropical paradise an Indian Ocean Cruise is considerably more expensive compared to other ports-of-call. A typical 7 day cruise with ports-of-call in some of the popular “remote” areas can escalate to thousands of dollars, depending on accommodations selected. As the popularity of Indian Ocean cruises increases, the rates of such travel is expected to decrease. Currently, Silhouette Cruise lines offer substantial discounts that make this tropical wonderland affordable while maintaining the integrity and raw beauty that cannot be properly described but must be experienced.