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Zambezi River Cruises

Introduction to Zambezi River Cruises

The Zambezi is a river in Africa with an overall length of 2,200 miles. The source of this amazing river is in Zambia, and from there it flows through Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and then into the Indian Ocean. Zambezi River cruises are very popular for several reasons, one of them being the fascinating flora and fauna and the other main reason being the breath taking Victoria Falls which David Livingstone described using the words: “Scenes so wonderful must have been gazed upon by Angels in their flight.” These two reasons are more than enough for anyone to have a good excuse for deciding on a Zambezi River cruise.

Zambezi River Cruise Company

The Zambezi River Cruise company offers a two and a half hour cruise along the river and is a fantastic way to get to know the Zambezi River and its wildlife better. Pickups are offered for customers located in the Livingston area, Zambia. Safari Par Excellence offers three different boats for cruising this magnificent river: MV Makumbi, MV Mambushi and The Lady Livingstone.

Passengers have a chance to see a lot of African animals from the boat such as elephants, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, crocodiles and a lot of different species of birds. A professional guide will be available to you in order to give you information not only about the wildlife of the Zambezi River, but also about the history and culture of the local people. Before your Zambezi River cruise is over, you will experience a beautiful sunset from the boat, and you will have complementary snacks and drinks throughout the two and a half hour cruise. It is advised to bring some warm clothes and an insect repellent on your Zambezi River cruise. The price of this cruise is about $50 per person, and it is free for children under four years of age.

Zimbabwe Zambezi River Cruise

You can also decide on a Zambezi River cruise from Zimbabwe, in which case you will start the cruise some 3 miles from the Victoria Falls. On this cruise you will have the chance to see not only the fantastic African wildlife but also experience the Victoria Falls and enjoy the spray from the Falls rising into the sky- a sight you don’t normally see in your everyday life. If you decide on a morning Zambezi River cruise, you will see an abundant birdlife, which is perfect for birdwatchers


All in all, a Zambezi River cruise will offer you the opportunity to experience the nature of the African continent in a fantastic new way you probably have not experienced before. If you like nature, a Zambezi River cruise is the perfect way for you to feel the sheer power of it in this magnificent river, and to experience the wonders of the most beautiful waterfall in the world- The Victoria Falls. If you have the chance, you should definitely go on a Zambezi River cruise, as it is a fact that you will have an unforgettable adventure!