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4 Day Cruises

A limiting factor for those who want to take vacation is a busy schedule. Work and family keeps people from having the opportunity to take traditional week long vacations. One other option for these types of people is 4 day cruises. These cruises offer cruisers a vacation that is longer than a weekend but not one that is too long. This is an attractive option and this is why there are hundreds of 4 day cruises available every month of the year all over the World.

Where to Take 4 Day Cruises

The best place to take a 4 day cruise is close to home. 4 day cruises are not long, so going on a 4 day cruise really far from home means you will be traveling a full day to the port. Then a full day back home. Six days of total traveling, with only four of those are enjoyable. This is not usually the best choice. If you want to travel to somewhere far away, saving up for a seven or longer day cruise would be best, since half of your time is not spent traveling. This means 4 day cruises are best to take where port is only a half day or less away from your home. There are 4 day cruises all over the world that leaves every week, so finding one close to home should not be difficult.

When to Take 4 Day Cruises

The time of the year you take a 4 day cruise is up to you. It will depend on your schedule and which time works best for you. Usually people who take 4 day cruises are doing so because they cannot get a full week off from work. This means they must take a vacation during the weekend. 4 day cruises allow for these types of people to leave Friday afternoon after work to board and return home on Monday evening, meaning they only must miss one full day of work. This is an attractive option since 4 days is long enough to enjoy, but not too long, where other responsibilities are ignored. For this reason, it is usually ideal to leave either Thursday afternnon, returning Sunday, or leave Friday afternoon and return on Monday. Other cruises are available during the week (leaving on Monday) for people who aren’t on a traditional schedule.

How to Book 4 Day Cruises

Booking a cruise has become very easy. This includes the booking of 4 day cruises. These cruises are very common, so finding the one that works for you shouldn’t be too difficult. The first place to look is online, where there are many sites which offer a search method that includes a price range, location and date range. These are usually the factors that will determine which cruise a person will decide to take. After booking a cruise, going on the trip and returning safely is the only stuff left to do. The important thing is that a person enjoys the little time they have off from work and this is possible when choosing 4 day cruises as a way of doing this.