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Alaska Cruises

When a person thinks of taking a cruise, most of the time, they pick the first sunny, beachy place they can think of, and off they go, ready to book their vacation. But what about people who want something a little different? What if you live in Australia, or any of the Central or South American countries where snow is a rare and wondrous thing? You live in balmy climes - you don’t need or want to pay money to go there! So.... the question arises, “What do you do now?”

There’s a very simple two-word answer, my friends: “Alaska Cruises”.

Picture this: In winter, Alaska is a stunning panorama of glittering ice & snow, with glaciers at least as old as mankind itself - probably older. Wildlife teems on the shore (and under it), with grizzlies, birds of prey, and even playful sea lions often being very obliging to you and your camera (you DID bring your camera, right?). In the summer.... ah, the summer! The colors are simply breathtaking. The vibrant, unspoiled landscape will move you in ways that will ensure Alaska cruises become a staple of your vacationing habits.

On a side-note, Alaska cruises are uniquely suited to the tight restraints placed upon American vacationers. While most of America’s workforce can only spare two weeks for vacation per year, an Alaska cruise can showcase everything Alaska has to offer in around half that time. What that means for you is simply this: You can see the beauty and splendor of Alaska, and STILL have an entire seven day surplus to spend with family, friends, or maybe just your favorite book.

In America, at the time of this writing, Christmas is a mere three weeks from arrival. Rather than the tired and hollow traditions of a new PlayStation under the tree, why not take your children to the North Pole? Alaska cruises taken in winter will not only afford you family time, which, after all, is the point of Christmas, but you and yours will get to see something most people never will: The Aurora Borealis (aka the “Northern Lights”). One look at them, and your children (not to mention you) will be spell-bound.

Incidentally, if you’re into the history of the American gold-rush, Alaska cruises are about as close to heaven as you’re likely to get - there’s more Gold Rush related history in a smaller space in Alaska than anywhere else in America, minus perhaps California. You can even pan (and keep) your own shiny little souvenirs!

For those without time constraints, Alaska cruises can often offer passengers the chance to visit neighboring ports like Seattle, Washington (try the coffee - it’s where Starbucks got its start!) or even Canada. There are also some more specialized cruising companies, who can tailor your cruise to include only what you want it to include, which means you’ll get maximum fun for minimum cost.

With so many good reasons to go, and not a single reason not to, what are you waiting for? Those Alaska cruises won’t book themselves! Pick up the phone or open up your email, and get ahold of your travel agent ASAP! Just don’t forget your earmuffs!