Breathtaking Cruises

Alaskan Cruises

Have you ever had a snow-globe? You know, those little balls with the winter scenes inside that you shake to make it “snow”? How many times have you wished you could step inside the picture, even if only for a second? Well now you can! Few things can compare to the sheer beauty of Alaskan cruises, and while the natural thought tends toward winter & glaciers, the summer is just as breathtaking, with an explosion of bright colors and wildlife ready to greet the wide eyes of anyone fortunate enough to be present.

Alaskan cruises are particularly well-suited to the American working mentality - “Holidays are all well and good, but not for too long!” - in that most of them can showcase everything Alaska has to offer in little more than a week. With the average American vacation being 2 weeks out of the year, that leaves you an entire seven days beyond your Alaskan cruise to fill with family, friends, and fun whenever you want!

In America, at the time of this writing, Christmas is a scant 3 weeks away. Why not take your children to the North Pole? Alaskan cruises taken in winter will transport you to a winter wonderland which one would be hard-pressed to find outside a Norman Rockwell painting. Glaciers older than humans, grizzly bears, and killer whales are only a few of the natural things you’ll see during your trip, with quaint log cabins and even the odd ice-fishing party among the man-made offerings.

Alaskan cruises are also heaven on Earth for history buffs - there’s more Gold Rush history in Alaska than anywhere else in America, save perhaps California.

If you’re lucky enough not to be bound to a schedule, Alaskan cruises can often offer you a chance to visit neighboring ports like Seattle, Washington, or even Canada. There are also some more specialized cruising companies, who can tailor your cruise to include only what you want it to include, which means you’ll get maximum fun for minimum cost.

So, what are you waiting for? Those Alaskan cruises won’t book themselves! Just don’t forget your earmuffs!