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Baltimore Cruises

The Patapsco River and Chesapeake Bay house Baltimore which lies in the middle of Maryland. The Eastern coast sees Baltimore as a major port. It has a rich culture and history. It is situated towards northeast of Washington and combines population of 8.1 million people in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. Baltimore offers great shopping, dining, and sightseeing opportunities to the tourists.

Best Seasons for Baltimore Cruises

As Baltimore is located near the Atlantic Ocean, tourists like to embark on Baltimore Cruises to enjoy a vacation that offers as much of sea as land. Baltimore Cruises offer a perfect vacation package as the weather is hot and humid in summer and one would love the extra tan. Afternoon thunderstorms are common. If you plan to be on Baltimore Cruises then choose your schedule carefully, the peak season of summer will be expensive while the off season in winter receives snowfall sometimes which is not favorable for Baltimore Cruises unless you want adventure with caution thrown to the wind.


Baltimore Cruises come by in 3 large shipping lines (Baltimore to Bahamas, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Canada) and one smaller shipping line (Baltimore to Chesapeake Bay and Intercostals Waterway). The most exciting trips for tourists are Baltimore to Bermuda and Chesapeake Bay cruises. All the wide majority of Americans who can drive to the port easily should opt for Baltimore Cruises to enjoy a fun-filled vacation.

Carnival cruises- offer cruises throughout the year. Carnival Pride offers 7-day trips to the Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Caribbean
Royal Caribbean Cruise lines sails to number of destinations. These are big and luxurious- true to their name. 5-12 night cruises are available easily depending on destination.
Luxury Celebrity Cruises go to the Caribbean. If you want to defy the winter join the Celebrity Mercury on a 9-night Bahamas cruise and a 12-night Caribbean cruise.
American Cruise line- this is a small line of Baltimore Cruises, you can visit ports and can even go into shallow waters smoothly.


First off, find a Baltimore Cruises website or an expert. You can get good deals if the travel agency has good relationships with the Baltimore cruises. You must get honest, an accurate and up-dated information on your cruise package from the websites. Experts can guide you on the best rates that fit your needs. This includes airfare, cruise selection, cabin, kids’ comfort, room facilitates, dining and entertainment, on-board activities and games. You can also ask for additional luxuries like spas, baths, massages, casinos, live jazz, Karaoke, fine dining, etc. all these come for a price (though some can be free).

If your schedule is set further apart then you need to deposit a small amount and then pay full at arrange of 75 days. Any price changes will be adjusted during that time. Baltimore Cruises package offers you a free trip if you can take 8 or more couples on board. (The figures provided may change with travel agencies)

Some cruise agencies let you pre-purchase land trips so you know where to head and what to visit once you go off shore. You will be able to get a tour of Baltimore without any hassle to enjoy the shipping and food.