Breathtaking Cruises

Florida Cruises

Florida is a state located in the Southeastern United States and famous all over the world for its lavish and splendid voyages. People from all over the world come to refresh themselves by enjoying with the luxurious Florida cruises.

Be it a vacation in Florida or a cruise from Florida, this place promises to make your trip a memorable one. Florida cruises offer the best time off from a hectic, busy and stressful life. There are a number of sea ports in Florida that offer different kinds of cruise lines. Florida cruises offer you to travel to your selected destination making your journey a magnificent one. While in the cruise, you can enjoy by delighting yourself with: various amazing cuisines, different activities, indoor sports, the view of the serene and tranquil blue water, socializing, and indulging in countless other entertainments.

Activities in the Cruises

Florida cruises are perfect by every means; they offer a huge variety of activities to make sure you don’t get bored for even a moment. The various activities at Florida cruises include: dancing, musical functions, swimming, midnight buffets, theme parties and cuisines, casinos, gambling, lounges, boutiques, spas, fitness centers, social events and gatherings, entertainments, movie theaters and various other entertaining activities.

Not only do Florida cruises keep the adult crowd entertained but they also keep the little children happy. For children, Florida cruises have play areas, children programs and gaming zones etc.

Sea Ports at Florida, Serving Cruise Lines

The four Florida cruise sea ports include:

  • Cruises from Tampa
  • Cruises from Miami
  • Cruises from Cape Canaveral
  • Cruises from Fort Lauderdale

The port of Tampa is Florida’s largest port. It is a homeport for Florida cruises, takes people to Mexico and The Caribbean. The port of Miami consists of exciting on-board entertaining activities which account to a fun and economical trip for passengers. The destinations that it carries to are Mexico, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. In order to enjoy a relaxed and calm trip, tourists opt for Florida cruises from Cape Canaveral. It takes to destinations including Bahamas, the Eastern Caribbean and Mexico’s Gulf Resorts. Florida cruises from Cape Canaveral give a soothing experience to the passengers. The port of Lauderdale is known as the World’s Premier cruise port. It is located 23 miles North of Miami. It offers Florida cruises bound to destinations such as Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Florida Cruise Lines

Some famous Florida cruise lines include voyages with the following companies:

  • The Carnival Cruises that head to Bahamas, Key West and the Caribbean offering 3, 4 and 6 day cruises.
  • The Royal Caribbean Cruises operate the largest ships in the world consisting of 4 royal ships.
  • The Celebrity Cruises consist of ten splendid ships. Celebrity cruises are called a sister of the Royal Caribbean.
  • The Disnep Cruise lines are the best choice for fun loving, adventurous families.
  • The Princess cruises are known for their customizing functions. They offer personalized and customized features to the passengers.
  • The Costa cruises are Italian styled and offer care, hospitality and comfort in a traditional and cultural manner.