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Why Galapagos Islands are every cruiser’s dream destination

The Galapagos is a rare travel spot where surprises characterize the entire journey. Everything fades in comparison to the sheer joy of observing the animals in their natural lairs, the sense of wonder experienced when the animals are not scared by the presence of humans and the truly exotic landscapes. Each of the islands has its own distinctive climate, landscape, flora and fauna. Only in the Galapagos Islands will one find the seagoing lizards and the inflatable frigate birds. It’s indeed a melting point of species that can only be classified as ‘rare’. The finest way to experience the Islands is by cruising between them. A few numbers of cruise lines take tourists from island to island but Galapagos cruises go beyond the traditional sea cruise to offer memorable Galapagos experiences. The cruises have few passengers characterized by assigned seats. The entertainment is lavish and adopts various Spanish tunes. The Islands are also famed for their clean and pristine beaches that are ideal for swimming, snorkeling or diving. For passionate nature lovers, the Galapagos Islands undoubtedly have the ‘Eden’ touch.

How long does a Galapagos cruise last?

The cruises are normally available in clusters of days that range from three to ten. The most favorite are eight day cruises but reviews made by the various national parks have since made the liner to revise its travel plan to last up to fifteen days. With this extension, travelers are now able to visit most of the islands. Travelers with budget and time constraints can however stick to the short plans.

Perfect timings for a Galapagos cruise

The Galapagos Islands have good weather all year round. However, when deciding for a cruise, there are two seasons that offer different peak experiences. The rainy season picks up in December and lasts through to June. During this time, temperatures are quite warm and the seas very calm- an ideal set up for deep water snorkeling and swimming. Between June and December, temperatures are very cool and the water environment provide the perfect sceneries for scuba divers as this is time the whale sharks and dolphins migrate to the Galapagos.

Experience the best on-board services, amenities and facilities with Galapagos cruises

If one wants the experience of a four or five star hotel, then the Galapagos cruises are the preferred choice. We specialize in the art of blending comfort, luxury and style. Depending on a traveler’s taste, there are cabins that have twin beds, double beds or even king sized beds. They are spacious and accommodative to all. Dining services are offered internally in the restaurants and externally on the decks. The cruise ships have Jacuzzis where travelers can relax while enjoying the scenic views of the islands. Diving in the Galapagos is a heavenly experience. The Islands are a leading dive destination in the world. There are presently two kinds of diving cruise: the naturalist cruise and the ordinary diving cruise.

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