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The Americas Cruises

Introduction to the Americas

The term ‘the Americas’ is used to describe the landmasses of North and South America as well as their associated islands. Covering over 8% of the total word’s area, it goes without saying that there are a number of cruises throughout the location. Many of the cruises depart from Florida although there are a number of cruises which depart from New York, New Orleans and also some countries in South America.

When to Visit

The landmass of the Americas is so huge that the whole area can have a totally different climate from one place to the next. There really is no best time to cruise the whole area and it is best to check out the weather for each of the individual stops on your itinerary before deciding what time is best to travel.

Cruise Companies Travelling to the Americas

Almost all well known cruise companies travel to the Americas. There are hundreds of different itineraries available and hundreds of different cruise options that you will easily find something suited to your taste and budget range. A selection of companies and an example of their cruises are below:

  • Holland America –Holland America offer a number of cruises starting in North America and travelling down to South America. Cruises range from 12 to 68 days and are varied in price. A popular choice is the 15 day Incan Empire cruise which departs from San Diego and has stops in Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Mexico. Prices start at $1699 per person.
  • Princess Cruises – A world renowned cruise company Princess Cruises have a large choice for you to choose from when planning a cruise around the Americas. A popular choice is the 14 day Amazon River cruise which departs from Fort Lauderdale and has stops in Brazil, French Guinea, Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia and St Maarten. Prices range from $1499 per person for an interior suite to $5270 for a luxury suite.
  • Disney Cruises – A perfect cruise company for families with children, Disney Cruises have a number of cruises around the Americas. One of their most popular cruises is the seven night Alaskan cruise which departs from Vancouver and has stops in Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway and Tracy Arm. Prices start at $973 per person or $3892 for a family of two adults and two children.
  • Royal Caribbean – The Royal Caribbean cruise company is one of the largest in the world so it goes without saying that they offer a number of different cruises around the Americas. A popular choice is the sixteen night South America cruise. Departing from Los Angeles stops include Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru and Chile. Prices start at $699 per person for an interior room and increase to $3499 per person for a deluxe suite.


The Americas is such a huge location that it is unsurprising how much choice there is for a cruise vacation. Departure points vary throughout South and North America, Canada and even Europe. Budgets also vary and if you book early or last minute there is a chance to find some fantastic deals. With so many different cultures and climates available, a cruise around the Americas is definitely going to offer you something different! It is one of the most popular cruise locations world wide and it is not hard to see why.