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Jacksonville Cruises

Taking a cruise out of the beautiful city of Jacksonville, Florida can be a very enjoyable experience. Jacksonville is home to port where many of the top cruise lines cruise from. These cruises can be convenient for people who live in Florida or the Southern part of the United States. Also, people from out of the country can fly into the Florida airports and easily travel to Jacksonville to get on the cruise ship. For this reason, Jacksonville cruises can be very fun for a number of people. Particularly, they can be great for families with children.

Where the Cruise Ship Leave Jacksonville

Jacksonville cruises leave out of port in the city of Jacksonville. This particular port is called the JAXPORT. This port is quite large and has a specific section designed exclusively for cruise ships. There are many different routes to get to this port, including many interstate options for those not from Jacksonville. People find this port to be very convenient in that there is plenty of parking options for people taking a cruise and needing storage of their vehicle for the duration of their trip. Parking, however, is not free and cruisers should expect to pay per day that they leave their vehicle at port. This is normal at cruise ports and cannot be avoided for those with a car. There are people that can take your bags at the port. They unload them from your car, which makes it easy for people with heavy bags. Be aware though, these people expect a tip. And rightfully so! There salary is largely made up of tips they receive.

What to Expect on Jacksonville Cruises

Cruises can be very enjoyable. There are many fun things to do on the ship. Everybody who goes on Jacksonville Cruises should be able to find something they enjoy. This could be playing in the pool. This could also be enjoying a drink at the bar, which can also be found on most cruise ships, with the exception of those cruises which are designed primarily for children (Disney). Also, Jacksonville cruises usually have a casino on board which allows for gambling once the boat is out to sea a certain distance. The distance is determined by the laws of the United States and is two miles as of 2010. It only takes a few hours for the boat to get out this distance, so the wait to use the casino after boarding is not too long. There are many other things to do on the ship including shopping, relaxing, playing basketball, etc. There are plenty of ways to have fun on Jacksonville cruises.

Returning to Jacksonville

After your enjoyable cruise experience, you must return to JAXPORT. This port is designed to make de-boarding easy. You can go get your car and pull it up to the unloading area. Then bags can be loaded in your car by a bellhop. Again, they expect a tip so don’t be cheap! Before doing this, you must go through customs before getting outside, but this process is usually painless. All in all, Jacksonville cruises can be very rewarding and are recommended!