Breathtaking Cruises

Panama Cruises

Feeling tired from life's daily stresses? Why not take a break and consider the thought of going aboard on cruise ships as a way of rewarding yourself? Going on cruise ships lets you experience the joys and excitement of seeing breath-taking sites while aboard a luxurious ship. Retreat from your busy lifestyle and have your fair share of life's most enjoyable pleasures. And what greater treat could there be than unwinding and at the same time seeing the sights and views that Panama has to offer?

Going on Panama cruises will surely make you realize that there are indeed so many wonderful things that life has to offer and you surely wouldn't want to miss out on these!

Panama: A Sweet Escape

Strategically located on Central America's southernmost region, Panama lets you marvel at its natural beauty by engaging yourself in various Panama cruises. Panama indeed has lots to offer in terms of natural wonders and must-see travel destinations, something which you can never go wrong. Panama cruises generally start out its sail from Colon's northern port which is the specific call place for people who have cruise reservations and arrangements with the ships “Grandeur of the Seas”, “Enchantment”, “Prince Albert II” and the “Pacific Explorer.” These Panama cruises get you into a one of a kind travel adventure out of Colon to places such as the Caribbean Islands, the majestic and ever-famous Panama Canal and along the seas of Central America. Exploring Panama while cruising aboard a ship is indeed one sweet escape that will definitely leave you wanting for another one!

Shore Excursions

Upon deciding to book for a cruise, one is given the liberty to choose from a variety of shore excursions that the cruise lines are offering. However, due to your limited cruise schedule, you may only be able to choose one or two excursion destinations. No worries though. You can always choose the other ones for your next Panama cruises. Some of the excursions which you can experience are the following:

  • Grand Tour. This tour takes about five hours and lets you witness Panama's vast ecosystems, including the tribal cultures and the Panama Canal.
  • Tour along the Panama Canal. This tour takes about 8 hours. Here, you will see for yourself its great view and as well as be amazed of man's technology wonders.
  • Embera Indian Village. In a span of 3 hours, you get to personally meet the Embera Indian tribe which continues to live life pretty much in the same way when Vasco Nuñez de Balboa discovered Panama.
  • City Tour around Panama. This part of the tour usually takes 8 hours and surely you wouldn't want to miss such because Panama City serves as the gateway where heading to the Pacific Ocean from the Caribbean Sea will only take you about an hour.
  • Ecological Tour and Aerial Tram. Through the aerial tram, you will undeniably marvel at Panama's extensive plant and animal varieties in its forests.

Panama is truly one of the best places on earth which you can visit. Pack your bags, go aboard on Panama cruises and have your greatest adventure of a lifetime.