Breathtaking Cruises

All Inclusive Cruises

Cruises are a very popular vacation choice. They offer you the ability to enjoy luxurious accommodations while still giving you the opportunity to view other areas of interest. All inclusive cruises really give you the best of all worlds. Most cruises include everything that you need to enjoy your vacation. Everything from meals and entertainment to your room and many different ports are included in the cost of your cruise. Cruises are wonderful choices for honeymoons, family vacations or just any time that you want to get away from it all and still enjoy certain amenities.

You can actually book a cruise to virtually anywhere in the world. Various ports of call include many areas of Mexico, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Hawaii and if you prefer a cooler climate, Alaska. Cruises normally include amenities such as swimming pools, recreation for adults and children, golf programs, luxury spas and some newer ships include aquatic parks. Cruises that are all inclusive allow you to fully enjoy your vacation without worries of spending too much money because literally everything is included in the cost of the cruise. All inclusive includes flight costs where applicable as well as various hotel accommodations if there is an onshore stay included in the itinerary. All port charges and taxes for ports of call are also included as well as unlimited drinks including wines, liquors, tea, coffee and soft drinks. Tips and other gratuities for cruise ship staff are also included.

Benefits of an All Inclusive Cruise

If you feel that an all-inclusive cruise is your best bet then there are many places where you can find and book your upcoming vacation. Many online travel agencies offer information and booking opportunities or you can simply call your local travel agent and inquire about upcoming cruises. There are many benefits of choosing a cruise that includes everything. One of the most beneficial reasons that people choose these types of cruises is because there is a lower risk of theft on cruises that are all inclusive. Since there is no need to carry hoards of money on board, the risks of being robbed are much lower. The only spending money that you will need is what you may want to spend at the various ports of call in the on-board duty free shops or casinos on the ship. There are various restaurants and cafes on each ship and meals are included in the cost so you have your choice of what and when you want to eat.

On Shore Benefits

There are many cruise lines that also include several on shore amenities in the cost of an all-inclusive cruise. You should be certain to check with your cruise line about these fees. Some offer entrance fees and transport to and from the ship when ported in the cost of the cruise. Picnics and barbecues may also be included as well as snorkeling equipment and other activities, the use of exercise and steam rooms and even minor medical treatment by the onboard physician.